You might have to pay a penalty because you’re not accessible

This season, professional baseball is attracting spectators at an alarming rate.
On the 27th, it exceeded 2 million spectators at the second fastest speed ever.

If the current trend continues, it could break the record of 8.4 million 688 spectators in a season in the KBO League in 2017.

Every day, professional baseball is blowing hot heat, but some clubs don’t feel it fully.

NC is in second place alone with 19 wins and 11 losses and a 0.633 win rate as of the 29th, but the average number of spectators at home games is 9,960, the lowest among the 10 clubs.

Of the 10 clubs, NC is the only club with an average home audience of no more than 10,000.

Not only the lowest-ranked Lotte Giants, but also KT, the latest to be founded in the KBO League, is attracting more spectators than NC.

Since 2014, NC has performed well, advancing to the postseason seven times and winning once in the last 10 years, and as an affiliate of a game company, it has conducted various and fresh marketing that meets the eye level of young people.

The viewing environment is also good.

Changwon NC Park is considered the most modernized baseball stadium in Korea.

The problem is the infrastructure.

Changwon NC Park’s accessibility is significantly lower than that of other stadiums.

The stadium is far from Changwon’s main city center, and public transportation is poor compared to other clubs.

KTX, which can gather fans from other regions, has a short operating time, making it difficult for visitors to use it.

In the midst of this, KBO President Heo Gu-yeon has recently attracted attention by making nuances that NC may move to his hometown.

Choi Hyung-doo, a member of the People’s Power, introduced a conversation he had with President Koo Young-yeon through SNS yesterday, saying, “President Huh is eager to attract professional baseball teams in places such as Seongnam City and Ulsan in the Seoul metropolitan area… “If the audience access is as difficult as it is now, the club is concerned that it can move its affiliated stadium to a city with good conditions even with a penalty,” he said.

In this regard, a KBO official said, “President Huh Gu-yeon made a related remark.”

However, NC drew a line regarding the relocation of the hometown, saying, “We don’t even consider it.”

An NC official said, “Our club has done its best to integrate into the local community since its inception, and we will continue to do our best,” adding, “Changwon City continues to help improve public transportation.”

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