Two Veteran Directors Showalter And Francona’s Mixed Exit

Cleveland Guardians manager Terry Francona, 64, has already announced his retirement and has been welcomed by fans of the away Detroit Tigers. 토토 Unfortunately, it coincidentally coincided with the retirement of home team first baseman Miguel Cabrera. He said goodbye to Cleveland fans in the final game of the home regular season on the 28th of last month.

New York Mets manager Buck Showalter surprised everyone by saying he will not return to baseball in the 2024 season the day before the final regular-season game against the Philadelphia Phillies. Showalter won 101 games the previous year, leading the Mets to the most wins since 1986. He has a three-year contract and will end in the 2024 season.

In the final game, Showalter exchanged starting lineup orders. The Phillies also took an example and manager Rob Thompson exchanged orders. In Major League Baseball, managers exchange orders on the first day of three consecutive games, and in other games, players come out when they have a coach or special meaning.

When Showalter returned from exchanging orders, the Mets team lined up in front of the dugout and expressed respect for the forced retirement coach with hot applause.

Both Francona and Showalter are respected leaders from baseball players, media workers, and fans. Despite his 60s, he is considered one of MLB’s best masters for his communication with players, media-friendly, low-key attitude, and leadership. Coach Francona rides a scooter from his home to the ballpark. When an article came out that he once lost his scooter, the police immediately found him the next day.

Francona led the Boston Red Sox to win the World Series twice after solving the 86-year Cursed of Bambino. Smallmarket Cleveland also won the 2016 American League Championship. They lost after a great match against the Chicago Cubs until Game 7, failing to win the WS title for the two teams.

Showalter is a stately old gentleman. He led 3393 games for the New York Yankees, Arizona Diamondbacks, Texas Rangers, and New York Mets. He is the only leader in the four teams to win the Coach of the Year award. The flaw is that he didn’t win the World Series.

It is widely believed that his dismissal was due to David Stearns, president of baseball, who was officially appointed through a press conference on the 3rd. MLB Network’s High Hit hosts Chris Russo and Alano Ritzo slammed Stern’s niggle. Female host Ritzo pointed out that the Mets dismissal of Showalter is a Bush League expressed as a low-quality act in the United States and that the veteran’s exit should not be done in this way.

The common view is that Showalter is not responsible for poor performance despite the highest salary this season. Max Scherzer and Justin Verlander’s two highest-paid $43.33 million contracts were ordered by the owner.

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