The third and first season of ‘Fluorescent Confucian Girl’ MoMA

Moma, from Cameroon’s national team, joined GS Caltex in the 7th place in the 21-22 season. Although he is a short striker of 184 cm, he showed outstanding performance, such as being selected as the best 7 (apposite division) with 819 points. Even in the 22-23 season, he accumulated 879 points in 35 games and ranked second overall in scoring. And last May, he was named to Hyundai Engineering & Construction as the 5th overall player in Turkiye, marking his third season in Korea. On the 16th, Moma, who met at the Yongin training ground in a Hyundai E&C uniform, responded to the interview in a relaxed manner.

Regarding the new start, he said, “I had a good time at the previous team (GS Caltex). I am grateful to Hyundai E&C for giving me a third chance at a time when I felt that a change was necessary and a new start was needed.” If the scale is large and the group life is focused, Hyundai E&C has a different feeling that it is more focused even though the scale is slightly smaller.In addition, director Cha Sang-hyun is a cheerful type, such as shouting during training, and director Kang Seong-hyung is a gentle type. (Gentle)” he said honestly. With powerful spikes emanating from her short body, MoMA brought up the previous team’s two-year performance and set a personal record equal to that.

Hyundai E&C focused on physical strength along with MoMA’s offensive power. He is the one who played all 6 rounds and ran without any injuries. He was a much-needed player for a team that suffered the shock wave of a mercenary injury. When asked if there was any special fitness management secret, Moma shook her hand, saying, “It’s probably genetic.” He then replied, “Compared to others, I tend to put in less effort for my muscles, but I do not stop exercising even after the season ends along with rehabilitation exercises to maintain the stamina I already have.”

Now he has become an ally of Hyundai Engineering & Construction, who was a strong enemy beyond the net, and on the contrary, he met his own team, which he had been involved in for two years, as an enemy. Regarding the strength of Hyundai E&C, which he faced throughout the two seasons, MoMA carefully chose his words. “First, the strength of the players was that they did not give up. Second, the defense system, such as blocking, was good, and I want to talk about the diversity of the game, but the player pool itself is so good that it is effective when using irregular techniques. After studying, once the ball was touched, it was a team where all the players were ready no matter where it landed.”

Although he has not yet entered full-scale training, he also expressed his anticipation for working with Da-in Kim, the main setter. He commented on Kim Da-in as “a very good setter” and commented, “I was impressed by the way he focused and tried to send the ball straight even at the moment of shaking.” In addition, he delivered an honest story about the system and color of domestic volleyball, which he watched for two seasons.

He started talking about Korean volleyball, saying, “Ball stamina and defense are strengths.” “In the case of the French league, players are tall and hit with power, so there are many games that end at once, but in Korea, defense is good, so long-term rallies continue. It takes a lot of time and effort,” he added. I was also able to hear what he felt while taking care of the cup competition that heated up his taste this summer. With the recent influx of foreign coaches, domestic volleyball, which was wing-oriented, is gradually focusing on equipping attackers with a wide range of pipe attacks.

“It’s definitely making a difference,” MoMa said. “I’ve seen players that no one expected to receive the ball are ready and attacking. It also makes the game easier for setters (with more attacking options). The will to win is getting stronger.” 스포츠토토 MoMA enters the third season of its V-League career. In other words, he spent more than one-fifth (?) of a strong mountain in Korea. It’s not long, but it’s not a ‘short’ time. How is he spending his life in Korea? When asked about this, Moma said without hesitation, “I like chicken feet (without soup), as well as steamed chicken and galbitang.” He was colored little by little, not only in food, but also in trivial speech and trivial habits.

When asked to pick a moment when he felt “I’ve become a full-fledged Korean,” he confessed, “When I meet my seniors, I shake my legs first and stand up and politely say, ‘Hello,’” creating a sea of ​​laughter. On the contrary, he says “I’m a sister” dignifiedly (?) as a joke to his juniors. An embarrassing smile came back at the nickname ‘Confucian girl’. On the other hand, there are domestic cultures that were difficult to adapt to in the beginning. “I’ll add the word ‘very occasionally’. It’s a cultural difference, so I fully understand it,” he emphasized. It was difficult to do it. In the case of France, direct communication is possible when expressing disagreement with the director.”

Lastly, he expressed sincere gratitude to domestic fans who support Hyundai E&C and MoMA, who became a new member of the family. Thank you for the love, appreciation and support you have given me for the past 2 years. I hope you will come more in the future. Who doesn’t need love? I will do my best, avoid injuries, and work harder to win the MVP. I missed the triple crown by one point before, but I’ll try to win it this time.”

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