The team’s ace next season’ Shinhan Bank Sonia Kim “Evaluated as weak? Rather motivated

At Shinhan Bank Blue Campus, which is used by Shinhan Bank, a profile shoot was conducted in preparation for the 2023-2024 season. Sonia Kim also happily finished filming with her teammates. She is Sonia Kim, who is having a busy off-season, even wearing the uniform of the Romanian national team. It has been about a month since I joined the current team’s off-season training.

Sonia Kim smiled, saying, “I played 3-on-3 tournaments wearing the uniform of the Romanian national team. I think I played 3-on-3 more than 5-on-5 during the off-season. It was difficult at first to join the team and play on the full court.” Sonia Kim added, “I went home, met other families, and had enough healing in Romani to go through a season.”

Sonia Kim, who played her first season in Shinhan Bank’s uniform last season, averaged 18.9 points and 9.4 rebounds. 스포츠토토 In particular, his score is a record corresponding to his career-high. Sonia Kim said, “It was the first season after changing teams, so I was stressed out, but I think I’ve adjusted well to the new team. The most important thing is that we proved that we can do this much. Also, since the team made it to the playoffs, we set our goals. I think I accomplished it,” he said, looking back at last season.

Sonia Kim is in a situation where she has to play the role of the team’s ace this season as well. In addition, Shinhan Bank is evaluated as a low-ranking power this season, so overturning this evaluation is also an important task. Sonia Kim said, “As an ace, there is definitely a burden. I hope I can show what I did in the off-season during the season. I’ve always been an underdog and heard that I was a weakling, so I got used to that part. Rather, it seems to be another motivation. “he said.

Finally, Sonia Kim said, “My goal is to reach the championship game. To that end, I try to focus on each game. Personally, my goal is to finish the season without injury.”

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