The Super-pecial Prospect Recognized By The Legendary Romario is

Spain’s Mundo Deportivo said on the 22nd, Homario appeared on the Brazilian channel Sportv and selected Hoki as the most perfect striker in Brazil at the moment. 스포츠토토사이트

Born in 2005, 18-year-old Hocky is a striker who has stood out so much from an early age that he has been called the second Ronaldo. Hocky, a former Brazilian Cruzeiro Youth who made his professional debut in 2021, made his name known throughout Brazil by scoring six goals and one assist in 16 games for Cruzeiro. Afterwards, he moved to Atlechuku Paranáensi and played as the team’s main striker, scoring five goals and two assists in 29 league games in the 2022 season.

Big clubs such as Barcelona, Real Madrid, Manchester United, and Paris Saint-Germain reached out to Hoki, who showed outstanding performances in Brazil’s first division at just 17 years old. But Hocky’s choice was Barcelona. Through interviews with various media outlets, Hocky said he was only thinking about going to Barcelona, and at the same time expressed great expectations for playing on the ground with Robert Lewandowski.

And last July, Barcelona took their first steps on the European stage by officially announcing their signing of Hocky. The transfer fee was 30 million euros about 43 billion won, and it was a huge transfer fee that could rise to 61 million euros about 87.5 billion won if additional options, including the Ballon d’Or option, were triggered. Currently, Hocky does not immediately join Barcelona in the summer due to La Liga salary cap issues, but will join Barcelona in the winter of 2024 if he has room.

Romario, a Brazilian legend and the fourth-highest scorer 772 goals in FIFA’s official career, also praised Hoki’s potential. According to the media, Both Hoki and Endrick have the ability and conditions to go to clubs like Barcelona and Real. I’m sure both players can be great idols and make a difference, he said.

He added, I imagine both players will play for Brazil at the next World Cup.

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