The revelation of the couple who picked up the Otani’s first home run ball

Shohei Ohtani of the Los Angeles Dodgers breathed a sigh of relief when he hit his first homer in nine games in the game against the San Francisco Giants on Saturday. However, there was a bad news about the homer.

The Athletic, a U.S. sports media, reported on Tuesday that a couple of fans who picked up Ohtani’s homerun ball were threatened by Dodgers staff. They said they would not certify it as Ohtani’s homerun ball (unless Dodgers guards give it to them). They insisted that they were forced to swap it for two hats (with Ohtani’s signature on them).”

In general, the main character of a ball that flew to the stands is the spectator who caught the ball. In response, players ask if they can politely return a ball with a meaningful meaning, such as their first home run. In the process, it is natural to give a gift to express gratitude. Of course, there are many cases where they don’t respond to such deals and just take it.

The Athletic said Ohtani’s homerun is worth at least 100,000 dollars. The couple said, “It’s a special moment and I want to be treated as just as a public figure.”

Not only the Dodgers’ position but also Ohtani’s position has become difficult. According to The Athletic, Ohtani’s new interpreter, Will Ireton, interpreted the part where Ohtani got the ball back on the previous day and said, “I was able to talk to the fans and get the ball back.” It is not known whether Ohtani said this or the interpreter mistranslated the words. However, if it’s a mistranslation, Ohtani will suffer from another mistranslation after Mizuhara Ifei.

The Dodgers said they had nothing more to reveal about the issue through a spokesman, but began to settle the matter, saying, “We are willing to talk more about the deal (with the fan who picked up the ball).”

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