The reality and positive signals of Ko Woo-suk in the posting

The Korea Baseball Organization announced on the 28th that it requested the MLB Secretariat to post Ko Woo-suk. Ko Woo-seok, who was known about the MLB club’s status check on the 15th, decided to challenge the big league after consultation with the LG club. 스포츠토토핫 However, he is not a free agent, so he has to knock on the MLB door with a posting system closed competitive bidding. If the MLB Secretariat notifies the posting, Ko Woo-seok can proceed with contract negotiations from 8 a.m. the next day U.S. Eastern Time to 5 p.m. on the 30th day.

The MLB challenge clock has begun to move, but the situation is slightly different from outfielder Lee Jung-hoo Kium Heroes, his friend and brother-in-law of the same age. Lee Jung-hoo has been preparing for the process for more than 10 months since January, when he was allowed to post from Kiwoom. Throughout the season, foreign scouts watched his game. In the case of Ko Woo-seok, he has a strong intention to go overseas, but he did not expect much to try posting after this season. You have to show your charm within a short period of time.

Ko Woo-suk is the best closing pitcher in the KBO League. He was called Post Oh Seung-hwan and became the youngest player in the league to achieve 40 saves 24 years, 1 month and 21 days, becoming the first individual relief king 42 saves. A fastball with a speed of well over 150km/h is a trademark. According to Sports2I, a baseball statistics company, Ko Woo-suk’s average fastball speed for the season reaches 151.6 kilometers per hour. He made his name as a pitch-type pitcher, but the evaluation may change in MLB. MBC Sports Plus commentator Song Jae-woo, an MLB expert, said, Ko Woo-suk’s ball power is the best in the KBO league, but there are many players who throw very fast balls in MLB. It is hard to say that he has any particular strength in his arrest, he said. “I don’t think big league clubs will recruit Ko Woo-suk as a closing pitcher. However, as young as you are, you can see a great growth potential,” he predicted.

Oh Seung-hwan currently Samsung Lions, who entered MLB in 2016, was a middle pitcher. He made a name for finishing the Asian representative through the KBO League and the Japanese Professional Baseball, but he could not take the back door directly in MLB, which is full of monster pitchers. He changed his position to a closing pitcher only after being verified for his skills in the middle of the game. The middle contract has a lower total than the closing pitcher. For a number of complex reasons, local media in the U.S. are still insignificant about Ko Woo-suk. His name is being discussed in the fan community rather than in the media with high public confidence. The posting of Yoshinobu Yamamoto Orix Buffaloes, Shota Imanaga DNA Baystars, Yokohama, and other starting pitchers from NPB are ahead in the rankings.

The market atmosphere is not bad. MLB clubs, which had shrunk in the Corona era, began to open their wallets. On the 21st, right-handed bullpen Reynaldo López signed a three-year total of $30 million 39 billion won with the Atlanta Braes. López was guaranteed a high annual salary of $10 million 13 billion won with a right-handed bullpen resource that played in 68 games this season and recorded six saves with 22 holds.

Committee member Song Jae-woo said, The key to Ko Woo-seok is the posting cost which LG will receive when he transferred, adding, There is a case where he rejected the contract Kim Kwang-hyun, SK Wyverns because of the amount of posting in the past. Even if the club allows it, it can go wrong in salary negotiations. About 5 million dollars 6.5 billion won will tell the player to go, but we have to wait and see if there is a club that can offer that much,” he said.

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