The Great Wall is coming to the women’s V-League

The V-League expanded the number of countries that are eligible for the Asian quarter starting from the 2024-2025 season. As a result, more diverse nationality players will join the V-League. Particularly in the women’s category, a large number of Chinese players are heading to Korea. They are Zhang Yu (29) of Pepper Savings Bank, Chen Shintong (30) of IBK Industrial Bank of Korea, and Huang Lui Lei (28) of Heungkuk Life Insurance, who received the first, second, and fourth overall picks in the Asian quarter draft. All of them, combined with technology and height, are already drawing high expectations.

Above all, the height of the middle blocker (center) Jangwi and Hwang Rui Lei is impressive. Jangwi and Hwang Rui Lei are 197.1 centimeters and 196 centimeters, respectively, taller than Yang Hyo-jin (35, Hyundai Engineering & Construction, 190 centimeters), the highest middle blocker in Korea.

Pepper Savings Bank coach Chang Ji-yeon and Heungkuk Life Insurance coach Marcello Avon Danza paid attention to their height but stressed that they are not just tall players. “The Jangwi has excellent ball-to-ball balance and athletic ability to make mobile attacks, which has increased the team’s options for offense,” Chang said. Avon Danza also praised Hwang as his team’s blocking line has increased. “His attack capability is similar to that of the best middle blockers in the league.”

The height of the setter Chen Shintong (179 cm) is also impressive. Although set ability is an important position, Chen’s height is expected to contribute greatly to IBK Industrial Bank as he needs to block from the potential. He himself expressed confidence that “my height can be a big weapon in Korea.” Kim Ho-cheol, head coach of IBK Industrial Bank, also expected that Chen Shintong has good physical skills like most Chinese players.

Based on their spirit of challenge, Jangwi, Chen Shintong, and Hwang Rui-rey are committed to playing in the V-League. They are committed to showing their true value in the first overseas stage of their lives. “We will thoroughly prepare for this season as the V-League’s offense and defense tactics are detailed,” they said. “The annual salary (100,000 U.S. dollars, 137 million won) and fans’ interest is higher than expected. We will show our performance to meet expectations.”

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