The Era Of Marathon is Approaching Within The Human Limit Of One Hour

Expectations are growing for Sub 2 to enter the hour range, which was considered an area of human limit, for Kelvin Kiptum 23, Kenya, who ran the full marathon course 42.195km within 2 hours and 1 minute for the first time in human history. 토토사이트

Kiptum ran at 2:00:35 at the 2023 Chicago Marathon in Chicago, Illinois, on the 8th. The time of 2 hours 00 minutes and 35 seconds is the new world record, pushing the previous record of 2:01:09 set by Eliud Kipchoge 38, Kenya at the Berlin Marathon in September last year by 34 seconds.

Despite breaking the two-hour barrier, he is just 36 seconds behind. Kiptum set a new marathon world record of 2 hours 00 minutes 35 seconds with extreme training running 300 kilometers a week. The Chicago Marathon was the third full – course marathon event for kiptum.

Kiptum emerged as a global marathoner with a time of 2:01:53 at the Valencia Marathon on December 4, 2022, and four months later, he received more attention at the London Marathon with a time of 2:01:25.

Less than five months later, Kiptum shortened his record by 50 seconds and has now moved up to the Men’s Marathon All-Time Number One.

The world’s track and field community, which ranked Kipchoge as the No. 1 achievement of “Sub 2” (running a full marathon course in less than two hours, the long-cherished dream of the world marathon, is looking at Kipchoge, who was born in 1999.

Coach Hakizimana told AFP, Kipchoge runs 180-220km a week at a time when he needs to increase the amount of training. Kiptum runs 250-280km per week, sometimes more than 300km per week, he said. When I was preparing for the London Marathon, I ran more than 300km per week for three weeks. When Kiptum shows signs of exhaustion, he takes a break for a while, but he rarely gets tired, he added.

Ten years ago, coach Hakizimana first met Kiptum in Chepkorio, Kenya. At that time, Kiptum raised sheep and goats. Kiptum received track and field lessons from coach hakizimana from Rwanda with his friends, and has competed in the half marathon international since 2018.

In 2021, when the novel coronavirus infection disease COVID-19 was in full swing, coach Hakizimana and Kiptum stayed in Kenya and trained full-scale marathon courses. Kiptum, who first ran a full-course marathon in December 2022, set a marathon world record in about 10 months.

Coach Hakizimana emphasized to Kiptum that I really need to take a month off now, and said, Kiptum will listen to me this time.

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