The challenge of Han Ji-eun, the youngest in the quarterfinals Will Kim Min-ah cross the wall in the government

She advanced to the round of 16 as No. 1 in the group with “Perfect Queue.” She also advanced to the quarterfinals. Fans were all eyes on Han Ji-eun’s relentless challenge to advance to the semifinals.

Han Ji-eun (SWY) will face Kim Min-ah (NH Nonghyup Card), who has won two games this season, in the quarterfinals of the SK Rental Car Jeju Special Self-Governing Province PBA-LPBA Championship 2024 to be held at Halla Gymnasium in Jeju on the 15th. Han Ji-eun, who is full of weight, is determined with her spirit.

Han advanced to the quarterfinals with a dramatic 3-2 come-from-behind victory over Hanseosol (Blue One Resort) in the round of 16 on the previous day. She had an average of 0.927, with five high-run points. She had three wins in the group league, recording an average of 1.095. Notably, she set a perfect cue in the group league match against Thron Peavy (Blue One Resort), but is still enjoying a strong upturn. Han, who debuted as a pro this season, is inflating her dream of winning her first victory in the World Championship, which is a showdown between kings and kings.

However, she has to overcome Kim Min-ah’s “wall” in the quarterfinal match. Kim Min-ah advanced to the round of 16 with three wins in the group league, just like Han Ji-eun, and beat Choi Yeon-ju 3-1 in the round of 16. Her average score in the round of 16 was 0.956 with six points for a high run, similar to that of Han Ji-eun. She has been strong in big matches, posting three wins overall including two wins this season, and became the top seed in the prize money list at the World Championship.

Commentator Kim Hyun-seok said, “When you look at the women’s quarterfinalists, they are all powerful players. Han Ji-eun is lagging behind Kim Min-ah in experience, but billiards is a sport with many variables, including physical conditions and adjustment to the table. Kim Min-ah also encountered a difficult opponent.”

According to other quarterfinal matches in the women’s division, Kim Ga-young (Hana Card), who beat Srong in the round of 16, will face Kim Ye-eun (Welcome Savings Bank), while Lee Mi-rae (High One Resort), who is in extraordinary spirits, will face Kim Se-yeon (Huons), who has won the World Championship. Kim Bo-mi (NH Nonghyup Card), who also has a sharp sense of cue, will compete with Kim Gap-sun, a talented player, for advance to the semifinals.

Commentator Kim Hyun-seok said, “Lee Mi-rae, who has been through difficult times, has changed. Kim Se-yeon and Kim Bo-mi are also players to watch out for. All games herald a close race.”

The men’s quarterfinals, which will also be held on the 15th, have been narrowed down to a match between Cho Jae-ho (NH Nonghyup Card), Um Sang-pil (Blue One Resort), David Zapata (Blue One Resort), David Martinez (Crown Haitai), Gangdong Palace-Eddie Refunds (SK Rent-a-Car), Semi-Signer (Huons) and Park Ki-ho.

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