The Bare Face of Women’s Soccer Failure.

Coach Colin Bell failed. There may be differences in the view of the failure, but what is clear is that he spoke of the cold reality without adding or subtracting it. 사설토토

The women’s national soccer team, which competed in the 2023 FIFA Australia-New Zealand Women’s World Cup, finished last in the group stage with a disastrous performance of one draw and two losses. Of course, the goal of advancing to the round of 16 was a failure.

The women’s national soccer team was highly anticipated for its colorful modifier The Last Dance of the Golden Generation, but the result was a disappointing game. Why did this happen.

All experts picked the first match against Colombia as the most important match in the World Cup. He also expected that South Korea would compete with Colombia, ranked 25th with 17th in the FIFA rankings, for the second place in the group. Germany was an overwhelming strong team in second place in the FIFA rankings, and Morocco, 72nd place and its first World Cup appearance, expected to be meaningful in participation.

However, in the match against Colombia, South Korea lost 0-2 in a very lethargic performance. Veteran defender Shim Seo-yeon gave up a penalty kick and even lost a point due to a decisive error by goalkeeper Yoon Young-gle. There was nothing I could do when the veteran players I trusted collapsed. It collapsed without even making a noticeable counterattack.

In the match against Morocco, which was expected to win multiple points, they lost 0-1 with only 0 effective shots in shock. She also suffered the humiliation of being the victim of her first World Cup victory and the first goal in Moroccan women’s football history.

The match against Germany showed its potential with a 1-1 draw. I could laugh at the end because I achieved the so-called “end-of-the-day beauty and played well against the world’s second place. However, if you look at it coldly, you are eliminated at the bottom of the group with one draw and two losses. It is a desperate failure that should not be laughed because the last was good or moved on to crying because the results were bad. After the loss to Morocco, South Korean coach Colin Bell gave the South Korean players a hard blow.

In the WK League, I think it’s good to win, and I don’t think it’s bad to lose. There is no result of defeat and no relegation. The World Cup has the best players. If you lose, it hurts and if you lose, it falls. That is the reality and what has happened to us. We must wake up, he said strongly.

In fact, veteran players, who were trusted, showed lethargy after allowing PK in the first game and making a goalkeeper error. Rather, young players such as Casey Eugene Fair and Chun Ga-ram energized the team more mentally. Players who were considered key were not even seen on the field. If he was not good at it, he should have had a “fighting spirit,” but he didn’t even show that.

After the draw against Germany, veteran Cho So-hyun said, If you had done this earlier I said. It was a pity why I couldn’t do it earlier, and I didn’t play such a game until the bus passed.

Ji So-yeon, tall striker Park Eun-sun, Tottenham Hotspur’s Cho So-hyun , oldest goalkeeper Jungmi Kim, Kim Hye-ri, Lim Sun-joo, Swedish goalkeeper Yoon Young-gle, and Spain’s Lee Young-joo are in their 30s. Many of them were likely to be the last World Cup as a player. In fact, Yoon Young-gle announced his retirement after the World Cup. I expected a great last dance, but what was left was the result that even the coach had to criticize.

Coach Colin Bell is also in a dilemma. Coach Bell has been consistently trusted and supported by the Korea Football Association for as many as four years since his appointment in 2019. However, he came back with one draw and two losses in the World Cup. At the same time, he made the above remarks as if blaming the players during the tournament, which was criticized as avoiding the manager’s responsibility.

In fact, Yoo Young-sil, a former captain of the national team who led the first World Cup finals, criticized Bell, saying, It is an urgent task as a coach to produce results, adding, In the first and second rounds, there was no WK League-level performance.

I trusted him for four years, but he failed to produce results, so he should be dismissed. However, Bell’s immediate dismissal is impossible because there is a big competition called the Hangzhou Asian Games next month. We have no choice but to decide after seeing the results of the Asian Games.

There is also a real problem. According to 2019 FIFA data, South Korea has 4,200 registered women’s soccer players. There are 390,000 people. At least 58,000 people in Spain, which has a similar population to Korea. There are only 18 girls’ elementary schools with soccer teams, 16 middle schools, 13 high schools, and 18 universities and professionals. It is fortunate that even players who are not able to quit rather than compete and raise their professionals.

However, the number of women’s soccer club members is increasing due to the recent popularity of the entertainment program Goldyeyeo. But it remains to be seen whether it will be a short-term trend. In addition, you have to play soccer from elementary school to become an elite player, but basically, the number of teams is small and the environment is not established.

As the national team also leaned on the so-called golden generation, South Korea was the oldest among 32 countries at the World Cup with an average age of 28.9. In other words, the results were not good as the generation change was not possible. It’s time to press the reset button. Even if you fail, you must fail anew. It is a women’s soccer in a harsh reality.

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