Suwon with no fighting spirit, relegation approaching reality again

The shock of the recent defeat is great. Suwon was completely defeated by Gwangju FC 0-4 in the 28th round away game of ‘Hanawon Q K League 1 2023’ held at the Gwangju Soccer Stadium on the 27th. With this, Suwon has been in place at 22 points (11th). The difference between Gangwon FC, which is at the bottom of the table, is only 1 point.

On this day, Suwon was completely pushed not only in results but also in content. In the 18th minute of the first half, Gwangju’s penetrating pass was allowed too easily in the center space, and Lee Hee-gyun scored the opening goal. 안전놀이터 Then, at the end of the first half, Asani scored an additional goal, leading to a 0-2 lead. Since then, the atmosphere in Suwon has drastically deteriorated. Eventually, in the 7th minute of the second half, Um Ji-seong allowed multiple goals. It was Suwon’s most run loss this season.

Suwon’s fighting spirit disappeared as more and more goals were lost. Neither the aggressiveness of the attacking team to score a comeback goal nor the concentration of the defense team to avoid conceding any more points were visible. In particular, in Um Ji-sung’s second goal, he defended loosely and gave space for shooting. After the match, Suwon coach Kim Byeong-soo lowered his head. Director Kim replaced his impressions by saying, “I am ashamed to see the fans.” It was a word that implies the current situation of Suwon, which is in a position to worry about relegation from the K-League tradition.

Last year, they were once again in danger of relegation. There are only 5 games left in the regular round, and 10 games are left if the final round is included. The ‘relegation nightmare’ that hit Suwon last season is about to be reproduced. Suwon, who fell to the promotion playoffs in 10th place in the 2022 season, was saved by Oh Hyun-gyu (22, Celtic)’s buzzer beater score at the time. Last year, Oh Hyeon-kyu scored 14 goals and was the number one contributor to saving Suwon, but he is no longer there. As in last year, it has become difficult to expect to remain with the superstar’s ‘clutch ability’.

Suwon fans want to see the fighting spirit of the players who do not give up until the end. Fans say that fighting spirit is the spirit of Suwon, and it is what keeps them hopeful until the end. But now it’s hard to find that fighting spirit. Moreover, the next game is a super match against the ‘old enemy’ FC Seoul on the 2nd of next month. Suwon, standing at the edge of the cliff, has to camp with drainage.

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