Substitution in the 9th inning’ Lee Jae-hyun

Samsung Lions infielder Lee Jae-hyeon, who injured his left shoulder while defending against Munhak SSG on the 13th, said, “It hurts when my shoulder falls off for a while, so you don’t have to worry too much.” Lee Jae-hyeon, who started as the shortstop in the 8th inning, caught Choi Ji-hoon’s 3-between hit ball with his body at the end of the 3rd inning when he was safe on second base. Feeling extreme pain in his left shoulder, he caught Choo Shin-soo by throwing to second base while putting on a painful expression.

Lee Jae-hyeon, who produced a luxury defense that lightened the shoulders of Widener, who was in crisis, lay down on the ground and complained of pain. Lee Jae-hyeon went into the dugout with the help of a trainer. 안전놀이터 An official from the club said after Lee Jae-hyun’s replacement, “My shoulder was dislocated during defense, but it’s now back in place.”

On the 14th, Lee Jae-hyun underwent a detailed examination at the SM Radiology Department, a club-designated hospital. An official from the club explained, “It was not a major injury, but there was a slight inflammation in the shoulder area, so I was told that it needed to be observed for 2-3 days.” Lee Jae-hyun was excluded from the starting lineup against Daegu LG on the 15th. Coach Park Jin-man explained before the game, “My body is not perfect. I did some training today. I can defend, but it’s a little uncomfortable to hit. I have to check my physical condition today and tomorrow.” Instead of Lee Jae-hyun, Kim Dong-jin started as a shortstop.

Lee Jae-hyeon, who kept the bench until the 8th inning, was put into defense at the bottom of the 9th inning with a 6-3 lead, and continued to record appearances in all games. After the game, Lee Jae-hyun said on the club’s official YouTube channel ‘Lions TV’, “When my shoulder fell off for a while, it hurts, so you don’t have to worry too much.” Meanwhile, Lee Jae-hyun played in 101 games this season and recorded a batting average of .243 (82 hits in 337 bats), 10 homers, 41 RBIs, 40 points and 5 stolen bases.

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