Song Min-gyu scored’ A picture I want to draw together in Hangzhou-Jeonbuk

These are Song Min-gyu and Baek Seung-ho, who created the pictures that should appear in the Hangzhou Asian Games. Jeonju World Cup Stadium, the 28th round of the Hana One Q K League 1 2023 between Jeonbuk Hyundai and Daejeon Hana Citizen was a battle of revenge and defense. Jeonbuk has no wins in Daejeon this year with 1 draw and 1 loss. In particular, the shocking defeat of 1-2 in the home match last April was connected with the will to ‘win for sure’. Daejeon coach Lee Min-seong, who showed strength against Jeonbuk, lowered his body, saying, “(The victory in the last expedition) was just a fisherman’s win.” During the four months, the composition and style of both teams are almost similar, but it is evaluated that they have changed a little.

Dan Petrescu, coach of Jeonbuk, emphasized the ability to make it 3-3 after losing 0-3 against the Pohang Steelers, which was the previous round in Daejeon. He is aggressive and has speed.” The two teams continued to hold each other in check, drawing 1-1. Daejeon Tiago scored the first goal in the 33rd minute, but Jeonbuk Song Min-gyu scored a goal without missing Baek Seung-ho’s pass in the 38th minute, avoiding defeat. Baek Seung-ho’s accurate forward pass reached Song Min-gyu, and he boldly went into the left side of the penalty area and shot it to the net. It was natural to be happy after scoring a goal, but Song Min-gyu’s expression was not very bright. His face was understandable enough. He didn’t get the victory he wanted again as the match drew 1-1.

Song Min-gyu showed humility, saying, “I was lucky (that Baek Seung-ho’s pass came).” He continued, “From the striker’s point of view, this is a part that we must constantly think about and reflect on. If a goal is scored, we win, but if not, I think the current team situation is not good. As a striker, I have to work harder with a sense of responsibility.” He is Song Min-gyu, who can’t enjoy it as much even if he scored the 6th best goal in the league. That said, the more he puts the pressure on the goal, the harder he can solve the game. He said, “In the current situation, I think the attackers can bear the burden. If (victory) is further delayed, it will be difficult to bring 3 points. I think we need to take a little more responsibility,” he said of his sense of responsibility.

He feels frustrated, but if he can solve it, he can do it as much as he wants. Song Min-gyu also replied, “We have to talk more with each other while playing the game. I can see some parts that don’t match. I need to communicate with my teammates.” After playing against Jeju United in the 29th round, he will join the U-24 national team preparing for the Hangzhou Asian Games. So he is Song Min-gyu, who wants to secure victory before leaving for Hangzhou. He said, “I am sorry to the fans for not winning in three games. I will play one game and join. I must win and go. I am going to win the gold medal, but before that, I will concentrate on the team and win.”

It would be great if the pass connected by Baek Seung-ho that day would come out often in the Asian Games. He said he hoped that he and Baek Seung-ho would get along. Central defender Park Jin-seop also accompanies the Asian Games. 안전놀이터 It is natural to feel twice as good when you score a goal with Baek Seung-ho and Park Jin-seop’s stabbing pass from the back. He said, “Since practice, (Park) Jin-seop hyung and (Baek) Seung-ho hyung have practiced a lot to pass (pass) when they meet eyes. On average, if Jin-seop hyung is twice, Seung-ho hyung is once. I wonder if I should talk more with him,” he joked.

Goalkeeper Kim Jeong-hun, who has fulfilled his military service, is also heading to Hangzhou. After the final list was confirmed, there was an interesting story that Park Jin-seop and Baek Seung-ho secretly pressured Kim Jung-hoon, saying, “Let’s do well.” Song Min-kyu said, “I seem to be talking more (to Kim Jeong-hoon) these days. It’s a joke, but isn’t Jung-hoon not burdened? He is the only one (of the four players selected for the Asian Games in Jeonbuk) to have been (to the military). So I’m talking about my heart in a bad way,” he said.

It is Song Min-gyu who is equipped with seriousness instead of laughter. He said, “I will score goals in the match against Jeju Island and score goals in the Asian Games. I am doing it,” he said, determined.

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