Seneca Nation And NY Continue Game Compact Talks

India’s Seneca and New York states are in the midst of gaming compact discussions as the current contract is set to expire in December 2023. But state Senator George Borrello, a Republican from Sunset Bay, recently shared that he hasn’t heard well about the compact deal. And time is running out for tribal nations.

Seneca Nation currently operates three Class III casinos in western New York, but federal law stipulates that this requires a contract with Empire State. Profits from game operations are used to provide people with important employment, pay sellers, and promote tourism while serving people across the region.

Mr Borrello is not directly involved in the negotiations, but the southern tier area is spread around Seneca territory and Allegany Game amenity. He explained that the state legislature is most likely to have to vote on the agreement before the end of the June session. He added that he can call a meeting on important political events, but he doesn’t think so on tribal agreements.

Business owner and activist J.C. Seneca said approval by the state legislature is not the only reason to accelerate negotiations. He elaborated that the state should also receive a potential deal approved by a majority vote by citizens. He added that such things can take time and people should also be well aware of the details of game contracts.

The tribe, meanwhile, claimed Gov. Kathy Hochul refused to negotiate directly because her husband works for Seneca Games rival Delaware North. In response, the governor’s office issued a statement saying administrative chamber and gaming committee staff have led negotiations with the state for months, and the state is fully committed to reaching a fair gaming agreement.

J.C. Seneca has launched a website, , and is sending petitions and letters to governors and legislatures to raise awareness of the contract. But this is not the only thing because we also organized a rally on the site next to the Seneca Buffalo Creek Casino on Thursday, May 18, 2023.

In August last year, Nation president Matthew Pagels called for a fair game contract. He noted that the state’s gaming sector has changed dramatically over the past 20 years since Nation gained exclusive rights. He pointed out that with the launch of new casinos and lacinos in the region, the industry is expanding, affecting tribal businesses.

In March 2023, Seneca Nation’s Seneca Gaming Corporation, which oversees gambling activities, announced a significant appointment, with Les Leonard currently taking over as Vice President and Chief Information Officer of Information Technology.

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