Reward and Punishment “discussed after careful review

Lee Da-young (27, Bolero de Cane) sent a report to the Korea Volleyball Federation (KOVO) grievance center through her SNS account and attached a certified photo. Her post was accompanied by the words “I expect Kobo’s fair judgment and investigation.” Previously, twin sisters Lee Jae-young and Lee Da-young were pointed out as perpetrators of school violence and were expelled from the domestic league ahead of the 2021-22 season. The Korea Volleyball Association issued a permanent disqualification of the national team for the two sisters. Afterwards, the two sisters moved to the Greek League. Lee Jae-young returned to Korea due to a knee injury midway through, while Lee Da-young headed to the French league via Greece and Romania.

But even after that, his noise did not subside. On August 5, two years after the incident, Lee Da-young, the younger of the twins, stood in front of the public saying, “I will hold a press conference.” He said, “Lee Jae-young has nothing to do with school violence and is suffering damage together due to my fault. The reason I sued the victims for defamation is to correct the wrong facts.” situation,” he said. However, what her sisters focused on was rumors of a feud with Kim Yeon-kyung (Heungkuk Life Insurance), not school violence victims. The real reason for not returning to the domestic league was set aside, and Kim Yeon-kyung and unresolved feelings were further ignited.

Lee Da-young insisted on Kim Yeon-kyung (Heungkuk Life Insurance), “I didn’t hit the ball I raised for 7 months, and it harassed and made it difficult.” However, many media outlets directly refuted the fact by posting articles analyzing league records. She also revealed the contents of the conversation she had with Kim Yeon-kyung, but public opinion was cold. In addition, on the 18th, Lee Da-young delivered a captured copy of the interview with Jae-young Lee and other media outlets to the reporter of this magazine and insisted, “This is the truth.” However, when asked for a detailed explanation, he avoided making a statement, saying, “I am busy preparing for the cup competition.”

However, through personal SNS accounts, only one-sided claims continue without cool evidence. On the 19th, Lee Da-young requested an investigation at the federation level by attaching all of the KakaoTalk messages exchanged with Kim Yeon-kyung and interviews with other media outlets to the KOVO Grievance Center. This is the same as the evidence delivered to this paper. On the 28th, an official from KOVO, who contacted the magazine, said, “It is true that Lee Da-young sent a report to the federation’s grievance center.” Previously, through reports from other media outlets, it was reported that ‘KOVO, who received the report from Lee Da-young, convened a reward and punishment committee’.

When the news broke at the time, some raised suspicions of preferential treatment, saying, “According to KOVO regulations, if you are not a member of the current V-League, you cannot file a report (to the grievance center), but it is strange that you can report it.” When asked about this by this magazine, a KOVO official said, “There is an athlete grievance center that was opened 10 years ago at the request of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, and when an athlete reports a human rights issue, there is a separate system to discuss this. It was received by .”

A KOVO official said, “To summarize the situation, it is true that Lee Da-young filed a report with the grievance center last week, and since Kim Yeon-kyung (whom Da-young requested an investigation) is currently a player in the V-League, the report cannot be ruled out at all. , The reward and penalty committee side is in a position to ‘watch the situation and discuss the procedure’ because the evidence is not clear. To be clear, it is neither a hold nor anything, and nothing has been done. It would have been the same situation even if they had requested an investigation. It is not a preferential treatment for a specific player.”

In a word, it is difficult to convene a reward and punishment committee because the evidence attached by Lee Da-young is close to a one-sided argument. 안전놀이터 The KOVO side has also expressed its embarrassing intention that a clear investigation is difficult due to insufficient evidence. In addition, this paper also asked why the KOVO-level disciplinary action against sisters Lee Jae-young and Lee Da-young was not carried out during the school violence incident. In response, KOVO said, “Currently, the federation’s reward/punishment chairman has been replaced, and we will give a detailed answer after questioning the reward/punishment committee.”

In addition, this magazine received another report about Lee Da-young on the 26th, two days ago. The informant said, “Volleyball player Lee Da-young received about 1 million won in Hanwha from a fan for her birthday,” and “I wonder if it is right for a professional player to receive cash.” In the current professional sports world, it is strictly forbidden for players or officials to receive ‘back money’. However, if the cash does not have a specific purpose (match fixing, request for irregularities, etc.), it is difficult to ask for responsibility based on the law. The informant attached a picture of Lee Da-young opening the envelope and showing cash with the title ‘Happy Birthday Lee Da-young’.

If a fan suggested match-fixing or fraud for a specific team in exchange for cash to Lee Da-young, and such an illegal act is accomplished, punishment is possible. However, in the case of money and valuables (pocket money) given as a personal favor, legal responsibility does not apply. Previously, Lee Da-young reported to the magazine that “(Kim Yeon-kyung) treated her as a bar girl by saying ‘Go out’” by attaching an interview with Lee Jae-young along with KakaoTalk with Kim Yeon-kyung. However, there is still no clear evidence of the circumstances of the player’s remarks. Kim Yeon-kyung also does not express a separate position on this matter.

At the time, she asked Lee Da-young for an accurate statement about the incident, but she couldn’t hear anything other than “She posted it on Instagram, so please look at it.” If there is no clear evidence that Kim Yeon-kyung is directly swearing, or if there is no testimony that “it is true that I said ‘leave’ to Lee Da-young”, this would be a statement close to defamation. In addition, on the 23rd, Lee Da-young posted a picture suggesting the standards for determining sexual harassment and sexual violence in her workplace through her SNS account, as well as words suggesting the national team, such as ‘2018 Athlete’s Village, 2019 World Cup Japan’.

Of course, it is difficult to see this as clear evidence to resolve the scattered confusion. She succeeds in drawing attention with a blank bullet, but has no live ammunition to solve the case. At the time of the last report, he confidently said, “Please look at the contents of Instagram,” but even diligently looking through social media, it was difficult to find a statement that was significantly different from the report of this magazine.

On the other hand, Kim Yeon-kyung’s side declared strong legal action against malicious articles and comments, and said there was no leniency. She has not expressed a personal position.

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