Reversal buzzer beater cheered by everyone, Hwang Dong-hyeon from Samseonjung

The 2023 Dasarang community boat Good Together LEVEL UP basketball tournament, which shouted “growth over grades,” was still fierce in the world of competition. Sam Seon Middle School won the match against Gwang Shin Middle School 64-57 at the ‘2023 Dasarang Community Cup Good Together LEVEL UP Basketball Tournament’ held at Hogye Middle School Gymnasium in Anyang City, Gyeonggi Province on the 20th.

This competition focused on the growth of players rather than grades or results, and gave opportunities to 1st and 2nd graders to participate, not 3rd graders, which are the core power. Hwang Dong-hyeon’s buzzer beater in the 3rd quarter caused cheers from the crowd at the place where the match was more eager than ever. It was the moment when the three-line middle school, which had fallen behind with a subtle score difference, reversed itself. Samseonjung, which continued the good flow at the end of the third quarter, won 64-57.

Hwang Dong-hyun, a sophomore this year, finished the game and said, “We won (in the match), but there were many deficiencies in defense and stupid mistakes in offense, so it was a game with more points to make up for.” 먹튀검증 He also replied, “When practicing, the time when I tried to use the coat wide and not to clump in an attack situation was done properly.”

It is the first time that the match between the 1st and 2nd graders, not the 3rd graders, was played. In response, Hwang Dong-hyun revealed his goal for the future, saying, “I think I need more practice because my freshman and sophomore years aren’t breathing properly and my physical strength hasn’t improved.” For basketball dreamer Hwang Dong-hyeon, the senior he wants to be like is Jeon Seong-hyeon (Sono) of KBL. “It’s cool to be able to see a 3-point shot in any situation,” he replied with twinkling eyes.

Lastly, he promised affection and strong aspirations for Samsun Middle School. “I want to go up high so as not to be ashamed of the older brothers who played last year.” He, who is still a basketball dreamer, has only a way to grow. Hwang Dong-hyeon and Samsun Middle School are waiting for an emergency.

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