Relegation fight What is the key to rebound?

Lee Seung-woo (25) of the professional soccer team Suwon FC, who scored a fantastic goal to win the team in 9 games, cited the absence of Park Joo-ho (36), who served as a mental support, as the reason for the team’s sluggish performance.

Suwon FC won 2-0 with consecutive goals from Lars and Lee Seung-woo in the K-League 1 2023 season round 25 match against Suwon Samsung held at Suwon World Cup Stadium on the 5th. Lee Seung-woo received a pass from Lee Kwang-hyuk in the extra time of the first half, beat the defender, and finished with a right-footed strong shot, 먹튀검증 playing the role of a solver. If they lost that day, it was a particularly valuable goal as they were pushed to 11th place by Suwon and were waiting for an even more difficult fight to escape the relegation zone.

Lee Seung-woo, who was selected as the best player and interviewed the reporters after the match, said, “It was difficult without (Park) Ju-ho, who was a big presence both inside and outside the stadium, when asked how the team was able to overcome the chaotic atmosphere and win.” I confessed my feelings.

Park Joo-ho, who has been active as a national team member for a long time, finished his career as a player last June with Suwon FC. Entering the K-League stage in the 2018 season through Japan and Europe, he wore the Suwon FC uniform from the 2021 season, took on the captaincy, and led the team’s K-League 1 settlement as a veteran for two seasons before deciding to retire in the middle of the third season. .

After Park Joo-ho left, Suwon FC fell into a swamp of sluggishness. Since the victory over Suwon Samsung on June 16, they have not won 2 draws and 6 losses in 8 matches before the match. Including the 2-7 loss to FC Seoul, they lost all three previous matches.

The team atmosphere was not as good as the grades. Striker Lars, the team’s top scorer, demanded a transfer to FC Seoul and showed an insincere training attitude, and was excluded from the list in the match against Gwangju FC on the 22nd of last month. During the break after the All-Star Game, the captaincy also changed. Instead of Bitgaram Yun, Seungwoo Lee, and Jaeyong Jeong, Lee Youngjae, Shinsegae, and Jeong Dongho wore the armband as captain and vice-captain.

In this situation, what led to the rebound of Suwon FC is the desperation that there is no place to step back. Regarding the replacement of the captain, manager Kim Do-gyun said, “When I kept losing in games last June, captain Bitgaram Yoon asked for a change (captain), hoping there would be a change.” Lee Seung-woo pointed out that this was the result of the team being united around veteran players such as Lee Yong (36), a former side defender of the national team, and coach Lee Jung-soo, who returned to the team.

The return of injured players and stable defense make Suwon FC look forward to a rebound. Lee Young-jae, the nucleus of the midfield, who ruptured the medial ligament in his knee during the return match after being discharged from the military service in Kimcheon last month, is expected to start playing against Jeju United on the 12th. Manager Kim Do-gyun said, “I want to highly appreciate the concentration” for the first goalless game in three months, and said, “The defense has stabilized with the addition of center back Hugo Gomes,” raising expectations for his performance afterwards.

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