Realizing the vacancy in Las Vegas Suwon FC or Gangwon for winning streaks

Suwon FC, led by coach Kim Do-gyun, and Gangwon, led by coach Yoon Jeong-hwan, will face off in the 27th round of ‘Hanawon Q K League 1 2023’ at Gangneung Sports Complex at 7:00 pm on the 19th.

Suwon FC has 23 points, Gangwon has 20 points, and the gap between the two teams is only one game. Suwon FC (28 goals) is ahead of Gangwon (18 goals) in terms of multiple goals, and even if they lose on the day, the chances of their ranking changing are small. However, as it is a head-to-head match between teams in the relegation zone, it could have a significant impact on the ranking competition going forward. In this season’s head-to-head matches, Suwon FC is ahead with one win and one draw.

Gangwon beat leader Ulsan Hyundai 2-0 in the 26th round. It was the first win after Yoon took over and the first win in 16 games. At the same time, he succeeded in escaping from the bottom. In particular, the jinx of 25 consecutive wins (4 draws and 21 losses) against Ulsan, which has been going on for 11 years since May 2012, has also escaped.

Gangwon will challenge for the second consecutive win of the season. After winning two consecutive victories in rounds 9 and 10, Gangwon failed to win with 7 draws and 8 losses in 15 games. The foreign squad of Yago, Wellington, and Gabriel brought in from the summer transfer market is melting into the team. 안전놀이터 Yago scored his K-League debut goal against Ulsan. Gabriel also hasn’t scored yet, but he looked threatening at the front line. The defense, which has not conceded a goal in four games, is also looking for stability.

On the contrary, Suwon FC seemed to be successful in rebounding by beating Suwon Samsung 2-0 in the 25th round. However, in the 26th round, they lost 0-3 to Jeju United. They have 1 win (2 draws and 7 losses) in their last 10 matches. I realized the void of Lars, the frontline striker who left after being caught drunk driving. Kim Hyun is filling the vacancy, but the weight is off.

Fortunately, Lee Young-jae recovered from his injury and returned. Along with that, we need scoring support from second-line resources such as Lee Kwang-hyuk and Bautersson. Moreover, midfielder Kim Seon-min, who gives strength to Suwon FC’s midfield, will miss the Gangwon match due to accumulated warnings. The key is how to utilize Lee Seung-woo, who has recently changed his position to midfielder and is showing an impressive appearance.

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