Pragmatic Play and Ultra Marathon Athletes Sponsored Charity Event

Pragmatism Play was the latest to announce that it will work with Maltese ultramarathon runner Steve Sammut Nurminen for a good cause. 카지노사이트 Successful iGaming content providers will support athletes who complete the 365 km marathon across Sicily. In this way, he will be able to receive 10,000 euros for the Dr Klown charity.

When it comes to offering online gaming products, pragmatism play is one of the most famous names in the iGaming industry. Vendors showcase a diverse portfolio of premier titles, including casinos, bingo and slot games. The studio produces up to six new slot games each month. As an industry leader, the company is always ready to give back to local communities and groups.

Ms. Nurminen’s goal is to raise more than €10,000 for Dr. Clown, a non-governmental organization that provides unique services and assistance to children admitted to hospitals in Malta and Gozo. The organization provides artistic and psychologically educated clown doctors who try to entertain children in hospitals and put smiles on the faces of children in need.

The 365 km ultramarathon is sponsored by Mr. Nurminen and an iGaming supplier who sponsors an experienced team. Since the competition is expected to last a little over two and a half days, they will soon begin preparing for a long-distance flight from Syracuse to Trapani. According to the company, the competition will be held in the middle of the summer season.

Julian Jarvis, CEO of Pragmatic Play, said Nurminen is quite famous in the Maltese community for his heroic feat of perseverance, and the company is proud to support the 365 km ultramarathon. He also praised the tremendous efforts in Malta and said he was humbled by suppliers supporting players to secure funding for the organization.

In June 2021, Pragmatic Play also donated £10,200 to a cancer relief organization in Gibraltar. The money is welcome because the nonprofit used the funds to cover training costs for new members by the end of the year. In addition, the money has secured numerous professional and advanced courses for other employees.

Mr. Nurminen said the ultramarathon was a very interesting challenge that would push him to his limit, and would be one of his most ambitious challenges to this day. According to him, it would be incredible to be able to raise money for the organization and the tremendous work. He is also excited to work with iGaming providers and CSR programs that help many charities in Malta.

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