NYPD Intervenes In Illegal Gambling in Columbus Park

The NYPD finally took action on an outdoor casino in Columbus Park in Lower Manhattan last weekend. 온라인카지노사이트 Before that, several media reported that hundreds of middle-aged and elderly gamblers gathered at the park, set up tents, made high-priced bets, and actively participated in illegal gambling.

According to previous reports, the gamblers occupied benches in Chinatown Park, which were otherwise used to rest or dine in groups of seven, where they played Pygou poker, Chinese blackjack, or other games to win the big games. It is all the more surprising that the authorities have taken no action despite the fact that the park is close to many law-enforcement office buildings.

On Saturday afternoon, the NYPD and the NYPD disrupted illegal gambling and dismantled their hotspots. Seven subpoenas were reportedly handed over by police, and park service officials cited another six. The pop-up tents and umbrellas used by gamblers were dumped in the trash.

A representative from the New York Police Department shared that the local police department sent a community officer to support the park with a Chinese-speaking representative at an October 8, 2022, New York Problem Gambling Commission event. Then this Monday, the police came back to the park to gather additional support for the matter.

Those caught red-handed are at risk of being charged with misdemeanors for misconduct. But it’s nothing compared to the criminal charges and jail time you’ll face if you’re arrested for illegal gambling. Those convicted of facilitating gambling could face up to four years in prison and a fine of US$5,000.

After the bust, there were no signs of illegal gambling in Sunwon Square in the park. Gamblers’ tents and card games, which had been visible in the park for a while, are now gone, and the park is responding to its usual innocent acts, such as people playing taichai and old people drinking coffee while others play gambling back games.

This is not the first time NYPD has had to deal with illegal gambling in Empire State. Last August, authorities discovered another illegal gambling place. This time authorities found a mafia-owned gambling house at Sal’s Shoe Repair in Merrick, Long Island. The place was reportedly used to launder dirty money.

Bronfis, the U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of New York, commented that the latest findings confirm how the Mafia still operates in the Empire State. He explained that the arrest of two La Cosa Nostra crime families suggests that the mafia continues to bully communities with illegal gambling, extortion and violence and carry out illegal schemes

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