Niagara Casino Plans To Open Event Center Grand

Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort is planning something special for the grand opening of its new C$130 million entertainment center. 카지노 The arcade recently shared some of its long-awaited plans for the opening of a new 5,000-seat concert hall, with its first performance at the venue scheduled for April 2022.

The casino’s new entertainment facility has been waiting for its debut for quite a while, closing in 2020, an unprecedented situation after completion. Despite the reopening of the property, the live show did not return until this month. Meanwhile, the casino has restarted its 1,500-seat Avalon theater for its annual Christmas show.

In an interview on Tuesday, Niagara Casino President Richard Taylor said the company was working on the grand opening of the new center. He explained that the casino is planning a more spectacular open event to start operating the facility. However, he refused to provide a specific date or name because everything now depends on an unprecedented situation.

According to the schedule, the first show at the venue will be singer Joy Young’s show, and the Cantopop star will perform on April 24, 2021. Then on May 5, the facility will welcome Larry the Cable Guy from the state, following the classic rock star ZZ Top and Cheap Tricks. Paul Anka, comedian Iliza Schlesinger, REO Speedwagon and Juke Hero will also perform this year.

The president believes the ground opening won’t be until Joy Young’s concert, but he says the company will probably hold some small performances. He says that after staff and equipment are tested in softer performances, a big opening ceremony will be held at the casino, which will allow the entire community to lag behind and enjoy together.

Mohigan Gaming & Entertainment, owner of Niagara Fallsview Casino Resorts and Casino Niagara & Resorts, recently reported fiscal fourth-quarter 2021 earnings of $391.2 million, up 33.1% from a year earlier ($294 million).

Chief Financial Officer Carol Anderson said financial results continued to emerge, recovered by continent-wide lockdown restrictions since the casino closure in March 2020. According to him, the reopening of the company’s Niagara Falls property in Ontario on July 23, 2021 had a positive impact on financial performance.

This week is crucial for Mohigan Gaming & Entertainment as Casino Niagara & Resorts celebrated its 25th anniversary of premium operations. The hotel has attracted more than 100 million customers every year for 25 years, and has launched a special menu at LEV2L. The event will begin on December 8, 2021 and will be available until December 11, 2021.

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