NBA Secretariat to Investigate Harden-Philadelphia Crisis

The Secretariat launches an investigation into the growing Harden scandal. Recently, James Harden publicly criticized Philadelphia president Daryl Morey. Harden, who participated in an event held in China, expressed his antipathy towards Mori in a strong tone, saying, “Daryl Morey is a liar. I will never play for a club with Mori in the future.”

The secretariat launched an investigation into Harden’s remarks. What the Secretariat is currently trying to find out is what meaning Harden said. We are trying to investigate both the possibility that this remark was a declaration that he would not participate in team activities next season, or that there was a backside contract between the team and Harden.

Doubts about Harden and Philadelphia’s behind-the-scenes contract existed last season as well. This is because Harden gave up about 19 billion won in Hanwha ahead of last season. Harden, who had a player option worth about $47.5 million at the time, gave up this amount and opted out, signing a two-year contract with Philadelphia for $33 million. 토토 The money Harden gave up allowed Philadelphia to acquire PJ Tucker and Daniel House. At the time, the secretariat also investigated Harden’s contract.

However, even if there was a back contract, it is unlikely that Harden and Philadelphia would have left evidence of it. Harden also says that his remarks are just a response to Mori, who ended his trade discussion. Meanwhile, Harden requested a trade to the team this offseason. The destination he wants is the Clippers. However, trade negotiations between Philadelphia and the Clippers have not progressed at all.

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