Let’s go to Changwon as much as possible

Ahead of the fourth round of the 2023-2024 Professional Basketball semifinal playoff (PO) held at KT Sonic Boom Arena in Suwon on Tuesday, KT manager Song Young-jin said, “I focused on Maray’s defense. I’m going to put in as much Michael Eric as I can. I’m going to take an anomalous defense when Paris Bath is in.”

Han Hee-won, who has to play the role of shooter, continues to show sluggish performance. “I heard he is in good condition. He needs to be able to get a chance by moving more, or Han Hee-won needs to take a chance. I believe he is a shooter.”

Hur Hoon and Jung Sung-woo also spend a considerable amount of time leading the game. “When Hur Hoon is out, Jung Sung-woo plays the role of a ball handler. Hur Hoon is blocked by the best defense players in the opponent team. Hur Hoon seems to be out of balance compared to being sick. I don’t think I’m in my right condition. I told my players that I don’t think I’ll lose today. I asked them to go to Changwon,” he said.

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