Lee San, the ‘youngest member of the volleyball family’ who dreams of becoming an all-weather ‘next-generation giant’

In addition to his outstanding athletic ability, he is impeccable in all respects, including fighting spirit and daily life. If it continues to grow like this, it is likely to become a big timber in the future.” Regarding Lee San (198cm), the ace of Anyang Yeon Hyeon-joong (Principal Yang-kyung Yang), who is growing into the ‘hope’ of Korean men’s volleyball based on his mother’s superior DNA as a volleyball player, coach Kwon Dong-hwan of his team showed off his offensive power as well as his defensive power and grit. It was introduced as a rare tall prospect.

Lee San-eun is former national representative Hong Ji-yeon (director Ilshin Yeo-sang coach), whose mother led the heyday of Honam Oil Refinery in the 1990s, and her older sister Lee Ye-dam (20) also joined Korea Expressway Corporation in the 4th place in the 1st round of the 2021-22 professional volleyball rookie draft. He is the youngest member of the volleyball family.

Yi San, who often followed his father to the volleyball arena when he was young, said he would try volleyball himself and entered Namyang Elementary School in Hwaseong in the 4th grade. Having loved receiving and defensive drills since his elementary school days, he has developed this into his greatest strength. Kim Jang-bin, head coach of the men’s national youth team (Suseong High School), said, “Among players of that height, his defense is by far the best in Korea.”

His offense is also considered the best in middle school. Although his main position is a middle blocker, he is proficient in attacking left and right and back, as well as having a quick attack, so it is difficult for the opposing team to block him. However, Lee San confessed, “As a middle blocker, his blocking ability is still lacking the most.”

Regarding this, mother Hong Ji-yeon said that timing through repetitive training is important in blocking, and that her son had not been able to train properly for over a year due to three knee surgeries, including two in sixth grade, as the cause. He went through surgery and rehabilitation at a young age, and the ordeal of losing his father early, but he overcame it with his positive mindset and grew even more.

Lee San, who says he likes his attack from the left the most, considers Kwak Seung-seok of Korean Air as his role model. This is because his serve catch and defense are at the level of a libero, and his outstanding ability to handle the ball while not being flashy makes him a high contribution to the team. Lee San said, “My mother was a famous athlete, so I felt pressured, but not anymore. I decided to enjoy playing volleyball that I wanted to play,” he said. I will become a long-term player rather than a great player.” 토토 Director Kwon Dong-hwan said, “(Lee) San-i is well aware of the importance of basic skills such as serving and is motivated enough to do individual training. He seems to have been greatly influenced by his mother and older sister,” he said.

On the other hand, his older sister Lee Ye-dam shows her special friendship by visiting her younger brother’s training grounds and competitions during her vacation or when her training is off. Isan revealed that when she and her older sister meet at home from time to time, she prefers not to talk about volleyball. She is considerate to make sure that her older sister, who has been freed from the long-awaited training camp, can rest in peace. If Lee San, who is tall but has solid fundamentals, grows steadily without injury, the volleyball players who have watched his play evaluate ‘uniformity’ that he is incomparable as a next-generation giant who will lead the revival of Korean men’s volleyball in the near future.

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