Lee Hyung-jong Also Hit The Batter Properly From The Age of 27

This is what Kiwoom Heroes outfielder Lee Hyung-jong (35) told reporters and other reporters at the Scottsdale Spring Camp in Arizona in 2023. At that time, Kiwoom tried to throw and hit Jang Jae-young (22) and Kim Gun-hee (20). Kim Gun-hee was sincere, and Jang Jae-young aimed to have time to think about the pitcher’s mind from the perspective of a batter in order to become a better pitcher.

Now that a year has passed, the two have made a critical decision. Jang Jae-young turned into a batter, and Kim Geon-hee decided to give up pitching and focus only on batting. Due to poor home conditions right now, he decided to wear a catcher’s mask again. Lee Hyung-jong, who started to batter in the first division in 2016 when he was with the LG Twins, looked at Kiwoom’s culture in a surprising but positive way.

At the time, Lee also said this. “I asked Jang how old he was.” He said he was 22 years old (21 years old at the time), but when I was 22 years old, he asked me to change to a batter before leaving.” When he was in his 20s, he had some time to wander, playing golf. Although he became a first-team hitter at LG from 2016, he demanded his club change to a batter much sooner rather than later.

Lee Hyung-jong pointed out the reality of the club’s favorite prospects at the time, especially the clubs that have no choice but to be conservative in their conversion to pitching and concurrent employment. In fact, clubs have no choice but to consider the reality that if a prospect who has been nominated painstakingly takes time to adapt or concurrently works, and the probability of failure increases.

On the other hand, it was Lee Hyung-jong’s recollection that Kiwoom was surprised by the culture of “Yeah, you should try it.” At the time, Lee Hyung-jong promised to help Jang Jae-young if he seriously worked as a pitcher or a batter.

A year and three months have passed. Jang Jae-young has turned into a real hitter. He will make his debut at the Futures League against the Doosan Bears on Wednesday. He has different opinions on his position. He recommended shortstop for his main position when he was a high school student, and outfielder for his club. Though it seems okay to play as an infielder since he is still young, some say his elbow is not good.

In fact, we can sort this out gradually. Manager Hong Won-ki said that since he has to undergo elbow treatment at the same time, he has to focus on designated hitters for the time being. What matters is how much potential he will show as a batter after relieving the stress he had experienced over the past three to four years as a pitcher. Kiwoom gives potential promising players a chance in the first team unconditionally.

For Jang Jae-young, Lee Hyung-jong could be a pioneer and role model. Lee Hyung-jong wanted to change to a batter when he was 22, but he played in the first team as a batter from the age of 27. Jang is still 22. The future is bright. How reliable would Jang be to have a senior in the same team who has experienced the same thing.

Lee devoted himself to batting much later than others, but even signed an FA contract. Jang Jae-young is not late, either. He has plenty of time to succeed as a batter from now on, as he practices batting a lot and treats his elbow well. It is enough to take time off from serving in the military.

For reference, Lee Hyung-jong has been absent for one month since April 21 against Doosan due to a broken foot. According to the club’s initial announcement, rehabilitation is needed for another two months. Will Lee Hyung-jong and Jang Jae-young be included in the starting lineup of Kiwoom’s first team side by side.

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