Kyungsoo Park, Where is Your House? Woogyumin, Let’s Meet And Talk

Park Kyung-soo’s cell phone is hot these days. This is because Woo Kyu-min, who has been eating with KT Wiz, continues to send messages. 사설토토 Park Kyung-soo, who met at Kyung Hee University International Campus where KT’s fan festival was held on the 26th, smiled brightly at Woo Kyu-min’s name.

Park Kyung-soo was born on March 31, 1984, and Woo Kyu-min was born on January 21, 1985. When they joined the LG Twins in 2003, they became best friends. At that time, infielder Park Kyung-soo was named first, and pitcher Woo Kyu-min was named 19th in the second third round. It was in and out until 2014. In 2015, Park Kyung-soo transferred to KT, a new team, and wore different uniforms. Woo Kyu-min also became an FA and moved to Samsung in 2017.

In 2024, two friends will reunite. Park Kyung-soo, who became an FA again after the end of this season, did not exercise his rights. I agonized over whether to extend my active duty. KT manager Lee Kang-chul and general manager Na Do-hyun offered a one-year extension. Coach Lee also added a clue that he will continue to serve as captain. Park Kyung-soo decided to play for another year with gratitude. Woo Kyu-min was selected sixth in the first round by KT in the second KBO draft held on the 22nd.

Park Kyung-soo said, When I went to Samsung’s away game, I ate with my close friend (Woo) Gyu-min. Since a few years ago, half jokingly and half seriously, we talked about ‘I wish I could play on the same team one more time even if it was a year, he said. I didn’t know it would become such a reality. I’m very happy, he said.

Woo knew his name was not on Samsung’s 35-man protection list. If I had to go to another team, I hoped it would be KT. Park Kyung-soo said, I’ve been in touch since before the second draft. After the nomination, Gyu-min called and shouted, Kyung-soo!!!!!!!!’ and said, “We talked on the phone on the 25th as well. I heard that I am having a farewell party with Samsung players after the event 2023 Rafak Sports Festival in Daegu, he said.

Woo Kyu-min, who lived in Daegu, is looking for a new house in Suwon, KT’s hometown. Park Kyung-soo said, They keep capturing things and sending them to me. Is this your house? Is it close to you if I get a house here?, I ask, Can you walk this far? and If you go on an expedition and come back late, you sleep at my house and go. I asked him to meet first and talk,” he said, bursting into laughter.

I’m trying to help Kyu-min when he recognizes a house in Suwon. I can’t stay still, he said, adding, You have to pretend to do it. If you don’t watch it together, you may be disappointed, he said. I feel like I’ve gone back to my immature 20s, not suitable for our age, he said. I feel like I’m only talking about useless things, he said with a smile.

There are other reasons to welcome Woo Kyu-min’s joining. Park Kyung-soo said, I think it’s good for Kyu-min and our team. There was no complete veteran of the pitching staff, but Kyu-min is likely to have a positive impact. It is more important because there are many young pitchers in the team, he said. There is a lack of side-arm pitchers in the team. Kyu-min said a lot that he wanted to play baseball with the same type of coach Lee Kang-chul, but that’s great.

He is also looking forward to working with Jang Sung-woo, the main catcher. Park Kyung-soo said, Personally, I feel that if Kyu-min’s control and Jang Sung-woo’s lead are combined, about one inning will be deleted quickly. Sungwoo is a catcher who is very good at leading. I’m looking forward to it,” he said. Closing pitcher Kim Jae-yoon, who has been working with KT from 2015 to this year, moved to Samsung as a FA. Park Kyung-soo left his last greeting as a senior and older brother.

(Kim) Jae-yoon was a really sincere and good friend. It’s a shame that I’m leaving. In a way, it seems to be the fate of the player. I got a call saying, “Bro, thank you for your kindness,” so I said, “It’s a shame, but it’s really something to celebrate to get a good treatment and transfer.” I hope Samsung does well without injury. Let’s talk face to face again,’ he said. You sent it well. I’m sure Samsung players will like Jae-yoon, too. I’m going to let you go in a good mood.”

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