Korean Air, challenged for 4 consecutive wins through joint training with overseas teams

Men’s professional volleyball Korean Air Jumbos, who are trying to win the championship for the fourth consecutive year, will start strengthening their organization in preparation for the V-League through joint training with overseas teams. Korean Air, which advanced to the semi-finals at the Cobo Cup held in Gumi last month despite the national team selection of key players, will conduct joint training with the University of California, Irvine (hereinafter referred to as UC Irvine) volleyball team from the end of September.

Korean Air formed a relationship with UC Irvine after participating in a competition held in Irvine, USA from 2009 to 2011. After the first joint training in 2018, they will train together again after 5 years. Also, joint training with the Finnish national team is scheduled for a similar period. Finland, the home country of head coach Tommy Tilikhainen, is preparing for the men’s volleyball qualifiers for the Paris Olympics to be held in Japan.

Joel Banks, head coach of the Finnish national team, conveyed his opinion to coach Tommy, who is from his country, in May, “I want to train in Korea, where there is no time difference with Japan and the training environment is well-equipped.” 스포츠토토 After that, joint training between the two teams was conducted through close consultation with the Korean Air club. A field training in Japan is also planned. Coach Casper, who was a member of the Korean Air coaching staff until last season, will play a practice match in Tokyo with the Tokyo Great Bears volleyball team, where he took over as head coach. have practice matches.

In addition, coach Tommy is preparing the season step by step according to the team situation, such as inviting foreign players active overseas to the team to practice in order to supplement the lack of training due to the selection of key players for the national team. Coach Tommy said, “Our team can express our own color no matter what player enters, and we will make a stronger team through various tactics and practical experience.” We are preparing,” he said.

An official from the Korean Air team said, “We will actively respond to coach Tommy’s passionate attitude and spare no support to build the monumental tower of the first 4 consecutive championships in professional volleyball history.”

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