Korea, defeated by the strongest Spain

The Korean men’s youth handball team (U-19) met Spain and lost. We played a decent game against a team that is considered the best in the world beyond the best in Group D. The second half is disappointing. The Korean men’s U-19 national handball team played against Spain in the final game of Group D at the 10th World Youth Championship held at Josip Samaza Bepo Hall in Koprivnica, Croatia on the 6th at 2:30 am (Korean time) 22 I lost to -38.

In the first leg, they met Bahrain and lost 28-32. I lost to an opponent I had to catch. In the second leg, Brazil lost 30-31. The whole idea of ​​the national team was tangled up. Bahrain was said to be a definite win-win opponent, and Brazil was also considered worthwhile. Losing to Bahrain is painful. I almost caught Brazil too. I lost both games like that. Naturally, they also failed to advance to the round of 16. I could have gone up, so I am deeply regretful.

On this day, the final match of the group stage was played. We met Spain, who had already won two games. The result is defeat. 3 losses in the group stage. The first 5 minutes or so were not easy. In a cluttered state, he scored goals one after another. After that, it showed the power to follow. but it didn’t come close In the second half, both offense and defense were greatly pushed, widening the score gap, and lost as it was. Now, the national team enters the league where the bottom 16 teams play. First, they will play against Iceland and Japan on the 7th and 8th, respectively.

40 seconds into the first half, Lee Min-joon was sent off for 2 minutes. They conceded three goals before three minutes had elapsed. Lee Ho-hyun’s first goal came at 3:50, making it 1-3. At 6:32, Kim Hyeon-min was sent off for 2 minutes, and Gonzalez threw a 7-meter throw to make it 1-5. Kim Hyun-min-myeon and Lee Min-jun’s goal was to make up for it, but it was difficult to break through the opponent’s defense.

Rather, they gave more points. 스포츠토토 The score widened to 5-13 by giving Gonzalez two 7-meter throws and a wing attack. A tough situation for everyone. He also failed his hard-won 7-meter throw. didn’t back down. Scores from Son Min-ki and Moon Jin-hyeok made it 7-15. Jin-hyeok Moon, Seong-jun Park, Hyun-min Kim, and Do-hyeon Lee scored consecutive goals, and the score was 11-15 at once. I couldn’t narrow it down any further. Son Min-ki scored an additional goal, but gave up two goals to finish the first half at 12-17. It was nice to see a decent appearance after the middle.

In the second half, Choi Ji-hwan’s first goal was scored, but it was immediately conceded. Kim Dong-young scored again to make it 14-18. This gap persisted. The attack failed to break through Spain’s tall defensive wall properly. On the contrary, it seems that the Spanish attack was not effectively controlled. In particular, there was a lot of fast-breaking right after scoring. I couldn’t get the momentum. While South Korea’s attacks were intermittently successful, Spain continued to accumulate points. The score widened to 19-30 in the 17th minute of the second half. In the end, there was no change. I couldn’t find a breakthrough, and I couldn’t narrow the score gap. The result was defeat.

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