Klopp revealed the real reason for leaving. It was a real pain we didn’t know

A separation from the Liverpool legend is coming. Klopp declared Liverpool’s golden age after taking the helm in 2015. He won the English Premier League (EPL), which was Liverpool’s “han” and won the UEFA Champions League (UCL). Liverpool has transformed itself into the best team in the EPL and the representative team of Europe. Klopp has presented Liverpool with a total of nine cups. 

He is leaving. It has already been decided. The club and Klopp have announced that they will part ways at the end of this season. Klopp also declared that he will never return to the scene within at least a year. 

The reason? Burnout. Klopp wanted rest. He expressed his fatigue. This is known to be the reason why he left Liverpool. 

However, more detailed reasons were revealed. Coach Klopp personally explained the reason in detail. It is true that he is tired and needs rest. But there was pain hidden in it that we did not know. And it also contained love for Liverpool. 

Coach Klopp explained the reason for leaving Liverpool through local media. 

“Last few weeks have been tough for Liverpool. I’ve been told a lot that I look tired because of the result. No. I’m just getting old. I have to do 100 percent by the last day in Liverpool. That’s what I have to do myself. If I didn’t decide to separate, next year would have been even harder. I felt like I had to make a big decision. If anyone wants to do the job, they have to have the energy. 80 percent is not enough. This is the truth. There has to be 100 percent. It’s a 24/7 job. Liverpool coach is 24/7. This has been a long time for me, and now I know I can’t keep going like this.”

He could only express his passion roughly and remain in Liverpool. But coach Klopp himself could not tolerate it. If he was in Liverpool, he had to pour all of his 100% into it. I couldn’t do it roughly in Liverpool. That’s how much I meant it. That’s how much I loved Liverpool. There was no point staying unless I could give him all. If I couldn’t give you 100%, I would rather leave Liverpool. It is Klopp’s sincerity.

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