Kim Min-Wook Reunited With His Old Teacher

Kim Min-wook, who qualified for the FA after the season, chose the Goyang Day One Jumper currently Sono Sky Gunners. 사설토토 At that time, the team was pre-acquisition, and Kim Min-wook chose to venture.

In response, a Sono official said, At that time, Kim Min-wook chose a huge adventure. In fact, I had been interested in Min-wook since then, but it was not traded. So I recruited him as a free agent. However, it was a big adventure for both Min-wook and us. The team was not confirmed at the time. Still, Min-wook said, “I trusted director Kim Seung-ki, adding, I told him about the situation at the time.

Kim Min-wook also said, Coach Kim Seung-ki had a great influence. Still, the director contacted me and used me well in the past. He knows my strengths and uses very well. So I trusted Sono and chose him. It was not an easy decision, but there was nothing to read, he said, explaining why he chose Sono.

Kim Min-wook has already been with Sono coach Kim Seung-ki when he was in KGC in the past. Therefore, The current training method and style are similar to those of the past KGC. But I haven’t realized it yet. I forgot everything after years of other training. laughs I’m saving it again. I trust the coach and coaches and work hard. However, there are still too many mistakes in defense. This is a task that needs to be fixed, he said.

Kim Min-wook flew from his first practice game after the transfer. He scored 26 points while playing 27 minutes against Sungkyunkwan University. He tried 13 shots and succeeded 11 times, showing tremendous efficiency. Kim Min-wook, who played practice games, said, In the past, practice games have played a lot. The key is the regular league. But now I think I can play a lot if I do well. It’s hard, but I feel good. Of course, there is a burden. It’s because other players can’t play because I came. That’s why I have to do better,” he responded.

Kim Min-wook, who played basketball with head coach Kim for the first time in a long time, said, “The basketball of the past came out in today’s game as well. That part was pointed out. It needs to be fixed quickly. That’s how we can play basketball that the coach wants, he said.

In particular, Kim Min-wook said, It is important not to get hurt. Thankfully, the coach emphasizes physical care. Other teams sometimes think it’s bad to rest even with a small injury. But it’s different here. They always let me exercise in the best condition. So even if you’re sick, you don’t put up with it, but you give me enough time, he said.

Unfortunately, Kim Min-wook’s physical condition is not complete. But I was so motivated that my muscles came up. laughs Just a little rest. You can control it in this training, but not in practice matches. But I think I need to control myself well, he said.

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