KCC challenging 0% miracle. How did they become a super team in PO

KCC manager Jeon Chang-jin said this in the regular league. It was a time when KCC was showing a severe slump in the regular league.

This season, KCC has earned the nickname “Super Team.” KCC, which brought Hur Woong and Lee Seung-hyun last season, brought Choi Jun-yong, who was released as a free agent from SK this season.

Song Kyo-chang also joined the team. He has secured the best wingman resources in the league and has established big men like Ra Gun-ah and Lee Seung-hyun among other players in the national team. He also has a figure of Hurdle who can be a troubleshooter.

However, it took time. The time to match hands and feet was short. There were injuries to key players such as Choi Joon-yong and Song Kyo-chang. There was not much time to match hands and feet.

Of course, the team struggled. Due to frequent injuries, the team was not properly prepared.

In the end, players’ skills and scoring ability were substituted for their loose defense, lack of teamwork, and lackluster performance. The performance was not steady. They won games against strong teams such as DB, SK, and LG, but they often lost games against weak teams that were expected to lose games unexpectedly. In the end, there were continuous reports that “the super team collapsed,” and Jeon said, “The super team collapsed. It cannot be called a super team. Players are not able to play normally on the court.”

Anxiety has intensified. The “code” has been slightly misaligned between coach Jeon and the players. Jeon is the head coach who can play “winning basketball” with thorough preparation, clear defense, and high probability based on accurate patterns.

However, KCC’s core players focused more on offense than single offense and defense. There was also an invisible war of nerves about playing time.

KCC ended up ranking fifth in the regular season league. Both Jeon and his players had scratches on their pride. “I’m embarrassed,” Jeon said, urging the team to work harder. However, internally, he stressed constant individual meetings and detailed play guidelines.

The Korean national team also reacted properly, feeling a sense of crisis. Ra Gun-ah, who was sluggish early in the season, had a meeting with Jeon in the middle of the season. Ra Gun-ah’s contract with KCC ends at the end of this season.

Jeon said, “I also think this season is the last one for me, and Ra Gun-ah also said that she thinks it is the last one.” Ra Gun-ah played multiple times.

At the end of the season, KCC played strong transition basketball. From this point on, the opportunity for a rebound was provided. The main players’ conditions began to rise, and the physical conditions of Choi Joon-yong and Song Kyo-chang also turned on the green light.

Having established an offensive system, KCC began to strengthen its defensive system, which is a weakness right before the playoffs. Having shown good performance in the D-League, KCC boldly appointed Epistola to the semifinals of the playoffs. Lee Ho-hyun is a key point guard with good offense, but he thought he was good at short-term defense. He hit the mark perfectly. Epistola also scored three clutch points at an important moment. His outstanding performance gave his team a dramatic improvement in its defensive energy level. The entire team received strong stimulation. Removing weaknesses of its outer defense, KCC gradually evolved into a flawless team. In addition, the team also played a role in the strong rotation that was implemented from the semifinal playoff, the so-called “super rotation.”

Jeon said, “I will run the simulation. My thoughts are on when and where to put Hur Woong in. The first key to rotation is controlling his physical strength.” This is a detailed method to use Hur Woong, who has clutch capability, in the most efficient manner.

The same was true for Choi Jun-yong. It was very important to place Choi Jun-yong, who was physically burdened, in the right place. As the rotation of the two players was exquisite, the balance of offense and defense began to be in harmony.

In the end, the team destroyed even the Wonju DB, the No. 1 player in the regular league, in the semifinals. It won three games and lost one game.

KCC, which was ranked fifth in the regular league, is aiming for a 0% miracle. Since the inauguration of the professional basketball league in 1997, there has been no history of a fifth-ranked team in the regular league advancing to the championship. KCC did so. After the team was confirmed to advance to the championship, Jeon said, “I am not sure if this is true or not, but neither SK nor DB of the semifinals cared about it. I was confident that if we play basketball, we can win. I don’t care who wins the championship, LG or KT.”

It is based on a high level of psychological warfare. He is sending a message that if KCC plays its unique basketball game, which maintains its perfect momentum and turns a “super rotation” that exerts strong power in the playoffs, the opponent team can win. KCC, who has become a “super team” in name and reality, will show how he will perform in the championship game.

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