Kang So-hwi (GS Caltex) and Lee So-young

The Korea Volleyball Federation (KOVO) released the list of 18 female FA players who received FA status on Thursday. They can negotiate for 14 days from the date of the list’s disclosure to 6 p.m. on Saturday. In the V-League that applies the FA rating system, players who earn more than 100 million won a year will get A-grade, players who earn between 50 million won and 100 million won a year will get B-grade, and players who earn less than 50 million won a year will get C-grade. A team that has recruited A-grade players must pay 200 percent of the entire season’s salary, one compensating player other than six protected players, or 300 percent of the entire season’s annual salary to its original team. A team that has recruited B-grade and C-grade players only needs to pay compensation without compensating players. The compensation for B-grade players is 300 percent of the entire season’s annual salary, and 150 percent for C-grade players.

Lee So-young and Kang So-hwi are considered as the biggest players. Lee So-young was the first in the 2012-2013 rookie draft and Kang was the first in the 2015-2016 rookie draft. The two players collaborated in the 2020-2021 season with the “treble” of winning not only the regular V-League and the championship but also the KOVO Cup. The two players, who have a three-year gap, became FA after winning the championship. As Lee So-young, who became the second FA, changed into the uniform of the articles of association, and Kang chose to stay at GS Caltex, the “Saw So-Saw Sisters” were disbanded.

The two players, who are in their third year of joining the team, both qualified as free agents. Kang So-hwi is evaluated as having higher value among the two players. Kang is regarded as the second most valuable player among Korean players outside the V-League following Kim Yeon-koung. She ranks 12th in this category with 444 points this season, and 10th (39.30 percent) in overall offense. This is the second highest percentage of Korean players after Kim Yeon-koung, who ranks second (44.98 percent) overall in offense. She also boasts of strong defense. She ranks eighth overall with 37.02 percent receiving efficiency. When excluding Libero players, she ranks fourth. Digg also ranked ninth (3.297 per set) and seventh (5.703 per set) in defense.

The key to the contract is the size of the contract. The maximum compensation limit that can be received from the FA is 800 million. Kang may want to receive all 800 million won, but his team showed sluggish performance at 30.23 percent and 31.91 percent in the fifth and sixth rounds, respectively, at the end of this season. GS Caltex, which had been stably ranked third before the All-Star break, failed to participate in volleyball in the spring due largely to Kang’s poor performance. It is a point in which six other clubs, including the original GS Caltex, should bet up to 800 million won to secure Kang. Moreover, as in the case of Wipawi (Thailand), one of the biggest contributors to Hyundai Engineering & Construction’s integrated victory, if there is a growing view that foreign players in the Asian quarter who are relatively less expensive can replace the outside heater, it will not be easy to sign contracts with full compensation limits.

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