It’s impossible to train the basics

Seongnam, led by coach Lee, will face off against Managing Director Kim Cheon in the 25th round of the Hana One Q K League 2 2023 scheduled at Gimcheon Sports Complex on the 6th at 7:30 pm on the evening of the 6th. Seongnam, which succeeded in reversing the atmosphere by defeating the Jeonnam Dragons in the last 24 rounds, is determined to secure a foothold in the confrontation with leader Gimcheon by taking victory points.

In a meeting with the reporters before the game, coach Lee said, “It was okay because we won the last game against the Jeonnam Dragons. 스포츠토토 Even though one of our opponents was sent off, we still made a lot of good scenes. Since Gimcheon lost against FC Anyang last time, I think I came out a little more prepared at home today.”

Coach Lee, who was dissatisfied with the score after winning 2-1 in Jeonnam last time, explained that he tried to rectify the problem through a video meeting with the strikers. Coach Lee said, “As a professional player, there was something I needed to finish. It’s impossible to train from the basics right now. I ordered a little more concentration and more responsibility.”

It was a disappointing match against Jeonnam, but I still believe in Lee Seong-wook and Gabriel. Director Lee expected, “Today, I ordered more from the two players. They quickly melt into the team and give great strength. They will play a good role today.”

Regarding Gabriel, who is showing outstanding performance after joining Seongnam, he expressed his opinion, “We need to make use of his strengths more.” Coach Lee said, “There are some problems with the defense, but we have to sacrifice and help each other to further enhance Gabriel’s strengths. Other players accept that point well, and Gabriel is also doing well in what the team demands. It is being done,” he replied.

In the question related to the leap to the top ranks, he replied, “There are 14 games left, and now we have to work with the idea that we must win every game unconditionally.” Coach Lee expressed his desire to win, saying, “In order to achieve our goal, from now on, we have to play to win. I said that we should prepare physically and mentally unlike other games. We will face off against the leader today, but we will not back down and compete.”

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