Italian legend strongly opposes the recruitment of Inter Milan KIM

With Italy’s most prestigious Inter Milan reportedly wanting him, an analysis showed that Kim Min-jae is older.

Italy’s most famous national sports magazine, La Gazeta delo Sport, reported on the 24th (Korea Standard Time) in an article titled, “In July, it was 50 million euros (71.5 billion won), but in March, what is wrong with Kim Min-jae and Bayern Munich?”

The newspaper continued, “Kim Min-jae, who went to Munich for a €50 million transfer fee from Naples last summer, is likely to be a target for Inter Milan in the next transfer market. I think a lease method is being discussed rather than an immediate transfer proposal,” he said, adding that considering that goalkeeper Jan Zommer and defender Benjamain Pavar played for Munich and were active after coming from Inter Milan last summer, Kim Min-jae, who also plays for Munich, could be a good defense reinforcement option.

“Lagazeta Delo Sport” has already reported the possibility of Kim Min-jae moving to Inter Milan once.

The newspaper said on the 21st, “Korea’s defender also received interest from Inter Milan in 2022. He has already received interest in Inter Milan for several years,” adding, “Recently, Kim Min-jae has not lived up to expectations in Munich.” Munich hired Kim Min-jae for 50 million euros a year ago, but now the possibility of loan is not ruled out in a similar way to bringing Romelu Lukaku from Chelsea to Inter Milan.”

Then, on the 24th, a few days later, Kim Min-jae dealt with the visualization of his transfer to Inter Milan by pointing to the recruitment of a loan.

“The good relationship between the two clubs from the past can make the transfer happen,” the newspaper said, adding that it can be fully realized. In the case of the lease, Inter Milan is also welcome as its original team, Munich, bears part of Kim Min-jae’s salary. Kim Min-jae’s after-tax annual salary is reportedly around 14.5 billion won.

It is natural why Inter Milan is looking for Kim Min-jae. This is because the current defenders are old and there are clear signs of aging, which is inevitable to change.

Notably, Francesco Acerbi and Stefan Duffrey, who are active as defenders among the back three, are already well over 30 years old, and their contracts will be terminated in the summer of 2025. Among them, Acerbi has recently been at the center of controversy over allegations of racial discrimination against Napoli defender Joao Jezus. His future at Inter Milan is uncertain.

Achervi used racist abuse against opposing defender João Jesus in the match between Inter Milan and Napoli, and the disciplinary action is almost certain. The disciplinary action is likely to be finalized early next season.

Duffrey is also considered to be not as good as before, so an alternative is urgently needed.

“Inter Milan needs to strengthen its defense as Acerbi’s career could end after his racism,” said La Gazeta-Dello Sport. Inter Milan are looking ahead to the future. Its top priority is finding a new central defender.

We are looking for a player who can play as a simple center back and start, and a player who can lead the defense,” he said.

Regarding Kim Min-jae, European media are considering Manchester United and Napoli as candidates for the destination, in addition to Inter Milan. Manchester United was strongly connected to Kim Min-jae last summer as well. Napoli is the former team, but as the performance plummeted after sending Kim Min-jae to Munich, there are calls from inside and outside the club to bring back Kim Min-jae, who was recently pushed to the bench, as the foundation for reconstruction.

However, Inter Milan is the most definitely mentioned destination by the media. Giuseppe Vergomi, who praised Kim Min-jae, who played for Napoli last season, argues that Kim Min-jae is not suitable for Inter Milan, which is using the back three this time, but Inter Milan are keeping an eye on Kim.

There are other voices against Kim Min-jae.

Italian media ‘FC International News’ reported on the 25th (Korea Standard Time) that “Pulvio Kolovati, the 1982 World Cup champion in Spain, said he likes younger players than Kim Min-jae.”

According to the media, Kim Min-jae was recruited? Inter Milan never made a mistake when reinforcing players in the transfer market. “If I invest in defense, I will focus on young and promising defenders like Alessandro Buonjorno (Torino) and Giorgio Scalvini (Atalanta).” Buonjorno and Scalvini are players in their early 20s.

Kim Min-jae, who was born in 1996, is 28 years old, which means he is a bit old enough to bring him back as a transfer option after renting. If he is going to rebuild the defense line, he should play younger.

Both Buonjorno and Scalvini are currently performing well in the league, and both are ready to leap to big clubs such as Inter Milan, Colovati continued, adding, “Inter Milan has a young average age for all positions, and we must continue to follow this policy.”

Italian defender Scalvini, born in 2003, is a player who is considered the future of Italy’s national soccer team’s defense. The 194 cm tall centre-back, Scalvini, has been connecting with big clubs since making his professional debut with Atalanta in 2021 and has been in good form.

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