Is It a Sign of The Fall of Volleyball Without Support Shots

KB Insurance, ranked 7th in the men’s division of the professional volleyball V-League in the 2023-24 season, and Hyundai Capital, ranked 6th just above that, have something interesting in common. 스포츠토토 The main striker, a foreign player, is unrivaled.

KB Insurance’s Apogit Spiker Andres Villena left, registered name Villena and Hyundai Capital’s Ahmed Iqbairi right, registered name Ahmed are tied for first place in scoring as of the 23rd. However, the two teams are fighting for last place.

The formula of all-bread volleyball, which is said to be able to cross the top ranks if only foreign players are selected and utilized well, is not applied this season. KB Insurance is having its worst season with one win and nine losses 7 points. It has been nine consecutive losses since winning the opening game. Hyundai Capital is sixth with two wins and eight losses 8 points by one point.

Villena is mostly at the top of the attack index, with an attack success rate of 50.21% and an average of 0.605 blocks 5th place. But too much ball goes over his head with 44.26 percent attack share. The same goes for Ahmed. Ahmed, who has an attack success rate of 53.65% and the second-ranked open attack, has an attack share of 43.96%, which is similar to Villena’s.

Thanks to the performances of these two foreign players, KB Insurance ranks first in team scoring 907 points and Hyundai Capital ranks third 883 points. However, the team’s score is not directly linked to the performance because the number of sets in a game is flexible with three to five. This is because if you lose after a close match that goes to each set deuce, your team’s score may accumulate, but you may not accumulate points.

Even if there are outstanding foreign players, they cannot perform well unless other players support them. KB Insurance’s native ace Hwang Kyung-min left due to a rib fracture, but Hong Sang-hyuk and Liu Hong-min are playing as outside heaters, but they are not in terms of firepower. Hong Sang-hyuk and Liu Hong-min’s attack success rates are only 45.28% and 37.27%.

Hyundai Capital is also sorry for the performance of outside heater Heo Soo-bong, who should form a double whammy with Ahmed. The attack success rate is 52.31% at the top, but the attack share is 20.38%, which is less than half that of Ahmed. In addition, Hyundai Capital ranks fifth with a set average of 2.13.

As the season continues and the number of games and sets that are played increases, the physical strength of the main players naturally decreases. In particular, the physical exhaustion of foreign players, who are involved in nearly half of the attacks in each game, is faster. Therefore, if native players do not survive, the burden of physical strength will become more “all-in” for foreign players, and it will become more difficult to escape the slump.

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