Inni Suddenly Changed His Position, Supporting Saudi Arabia in the 2034 World Cup Coccer Bid

According to Reuters, Erik Tohir, chairman of the Indonesian Football Association, issued a statement on the 18th saying, We support Saudi Arabia for hosting the 2034 World Cup. 토토사이트 Indonesia will continue to prepare to host FIFA-hosted tournaments after the 2034 World Cup,” he added.

This is a completely different position from last week’s media interview, which saw Saudi Arabia as its competitor in the 2034 World Cup bid. In an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald in Australia on the 11th, Chairman Tohir said, We are discussing with Australia about hosting the 2034 World Cup, adding, “We are waiting for Australia’s answer that we will seriously pursue things together.

In addition, Malaysia and Singapore also responded positively to joining as co-hosts. With President Tohir’s reversal of this position, the possibility of the Australia-Indonesia alliance has also faded, and Saudi Arabia is unrivaledly ahead in the 2034 World Cup bid.

Saudi Arabia has already submitted a letter of intent to FIFA. On the 10th, the Saudi Football Association announced the submission of a letter of intent and said that more than 70 FIFA member countries participated.

Saudi Arabia initially sought to co-host the 2030 World Cup with Egypt and Greece, but withdrew from the bid in June due to the lack of competition.

The venue for the 2030 World Cup, which Saudi Arabia gave up, was decided on the 4th on three continents co-hosted by Morocco, Spain, and Portugal.

As the 2026 World Cup will also be held in the United States, Mexico, and Canada, the candidates for the 2034 tournament have narrowed down to Asia-Oceania, not North and Central America, Europe, South America, or Africa.

FIFA has ordered countries interested in hosting the 2034 World Cup to express their intentions by the end of this month and submit documents necessary for qualification evaluation by November 30.

The requirements for facilities to play games are important, and to host the 2034 World Cup, it must have at least 14 stadiums with at least 40,000 seats to play in the group stage. At least seven of these must be existing stadiums.

Saudi Arabia, which is preparing to host the 2027 Asian Football Confederation Asian Cup, meets this requirement. At least seven stadiums have already been built and the rest are being built.

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