Injured Butler Shames Jaylen Brown’s SNS for Winning Against Boston

Miami Marlins star Jimmy Butler couldn’t play due to knee injury, but he showed off his presence online after his team won its first playoff game in the quarterfinals of the conference. In his social media, he paid back to the Boston Red Sox’s provocation against Miami last year.

Miami won 111-101 in the second round of the 2023-2024 NBA Eastern Conference quarterfinal playoff against Boston held at TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts on the 25th. Five players, including Tyler Hiro (24 points, 14 rebounds) and Snake Adebayo (21 points), won despite their even double-digit scoring performance. Miami, which was completely defeated 94-114 in the first round on the 22nd, returned to its home turf after balancing the game with one win and one loss on the road.

Miami’s Jimmy Butler was sidelined with an internal knee ligament injury, which drew attention online after the team’s victory.

The Boston Red Sox’s Jaylen Brown copied and kept his social media post “Don’t let us get one” that he posted after losing three straight games to Miami in last year’s Eastern Conference finals. He photoshopped his face to Brown’s photo. Boston almost achieved a miraculous “reverse sweep” by winning three consecutive games after losing three games, but lost to Miami in Game 7 and failed to advance to the championship game.

Boston ranked No. 1 in the Eastern Conference in the 2023-2024 season and is considered a strong contender for the championship. It won the first game without difficulty, but was beaten by Miami in the second game.

Butler then “reflected” the joy of his team’s victory by quoting Brown’s SNS post from last year. Butler posted a comment on his post, saying, “You’re cute, so I might delete it later.”

Butler-provoked Brown did his part by scoring 33 points, but Boston missed a chance to win two consecutive home games due to the lackluster performances of other supporting actors.

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