“I’ll kick.” What’s behind Hwang Hee-chan’s penalty kick?

Q Are you okay?

“First of all, I was surprised at the stadium because I lost a little weight.”
I haven’t checked it yet, so I think I’ll have to check it when I go in
A: I think it hurt a lot at the time.
I think I cursed because it hurt so much…

A (Aiden O’Neill who tackled me) was sent off
In the part where I was able to gain the A-level advantage
I think it was a much more advantageous situation for Team A to play overtime
A was sick, but I think it was okay over time.”

Q. I was disappointed with the offside scene

“I think it was a really good scene when we ate (one goal) and followed it.
I liked Kangin’s pass
I gave Youngwoo A well, too
A, I went home safely and finished it
A, it’s so sad, but we’ll continue to
I think it was a scene where I was convinced that I could make a good scene
A. Through those parts
A: I think I thought I could score more goals today.
A: He’s been making such efforts since the last game
In the second half of A, we made a better scene
A I think these wins were the games we deserved to win.”

Q What did you talk about with Son Heung-min when you kicked the penalty kick?

“First of all, I told Heungmin that I wanted to wear it.”
Heungmin said okay right away
I think I was able to wrap it up with confidence.

A, I always play as a member of the national team
A. I feel a lot of responsibility for every move
A So, of course, I think I thought it wasn’t just my shot in the penalty kick.
All the people of A cheered for us
It was a moment where all the team A’s efforts were put into it
I thought I’d focus more on A and end it
I think I was so happy that A finished it well.”

Q If I could avoid it, I would have avoided it

“I thought that I shouldn’t wear it if I had a little pressure, so I was confident.”
A: We put in a lot of effort and preparation before kicking it
“I think I was able to step up and kick with confidence.”

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