“I have to make my own zone” Lee Jung-hoo hit 23 home runs… How far did the heroes ‘The 2nd Lee Jung-hoo’ go to ‘Happy Future’

Lee Jung-hoo (26, San Francisco Giants) hit 23 home runs in the 2022 season when he was playing for the Kiwoom Heroes. It was the first time in his career that a batter, who had only 36 home runs for five years until 2021, surpassed 20 for the first time in his career. He hit a total of 65 home runs in the KBO and moved to the Major League, but in the U.S., Lee Jung-hoo is considered a batter who can hit a lot of home runs.

Then how about Lee Ju-hyung (23, Kiwoom), who is dubbed the “second Lee Jung-hoo.” After graduating from Kyungnam High School, he joined LG Twins as the 13th pick in the second round of the second round in 2020, and did not have a chance to confirm his potential until he joined Kiwoom through a trade last summer. In reality, if the fielder’s team continues to be solid at LG, it will be difficult to seize the opportunity.

As expected, Kiwoom gave Lee Joo-hyung the full opportunity. He is Lee Jung-hoo’s position, the third center fielder. He was an infielder when he was at Kyungnam High School, but he couldn’t afford to secure his position because he was moving between home and outfield. As Kiwoom laid the groundwork for him, he played 70 times at bat in 69 games in the 2023 season, posting a batting average of 0.326 with six homers, 36 RBIs, 32 points and an OPS of 0.897.

Already in the industry, there was an evaluation that Lee Joo-hyung can play 20-20 if he is sold properly. Basically, he is a batter with good contact, but he is not a swing mechanic who is hard to hit a home run. In fact, Lee Joo-hyung reported a home run in his second practice game outside the spring camp.

Lee Ju-hyung played center field three times in succession at the Chungshin Brothers’ game held at CTBC Park in Pingtung, Taiwan on Saturday and Sunday (Korea time). Other hitters may not know, but chances are high that Lee’s position will be fixed. In fact, Kim Hye-sung (second baseman), Ronnie Dawson (left fielder), and Lee Ju-hyung (center fielder) have been fixed for two consecutive games.

The faster you play in outfield defense, the more likely you are to perform well, and the more familiar you become with defense, the more you can concentrate on hitting. At the game on Saturday, he hit back-to-back home runs from the first inning, displaying his punchy performance. As he can play in 144 games this season, the team has been in full swing.

“I entered the batter’s box for the first time with the intention of hitting the bat exactly as I did in batting training before the game,” Lee said through his club. “I focused on contacting him with the timing in mind, but I got a home run. It was a practice game, but I feel good because I got good results, and I feel my balance is getting better. I look forward to the next game.”

Lee Ju-hyung continued, “With the introduction of ABS this season, the strike zone will be constant, so I think creating my own zone will be a task for the rest of the year. Once I enter the zone, I will train myself to select pitches that swing boldly and escape.”

What about Lee’s full-time performance? Is it really possible to get 20-20, or more? If he really proves that he is the next Lee Jung-hoo, Kiwoom gets the momentum to move forward again.

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