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The Korea Professional Baseball Players Association (ABS) announced on the 13th that it has received an answer regarding questions from KBO regarding the automatic pitching judgment system (ABS). Earlier, the Players Association sent a questionnaire to the KBO Secretariat on the 3rd, saying that the opinions of players, who are important members of the league, were not properly reflected on the ABS introduced by KBO this season on the first division stage.

The players’ association requested KBO to install ABS in all stadiums of the ▲ Futures League as soon as possible and a detailed installation plan. In the meantime, they asked about the reasons for applying the ABS strike zone, which has never been applied to the ▲ Futures League, to the first-tier league this season. The players’ association requested a reply on whether ABS could be replaced or upgraded to catch the inaccuracy and inconsistency of the ▲ judgment, and asked for a technical explanation and improvement on the case posted by the ABS decision call at the time of a home run or a large home run foul ball. This means why the ABS call comes out when the ball hasn’t even passed the home plate. The players’ association also asked KBO to develop a system that allows access to ABS-related data if they want to check the game ▲ days ago.

According to the Players Association, the KBO Secretariat replied to the first question, “We will install and operate ABS in four Futures League stadiums this month.” He added that considering the difficulty of installing ABS in some stadiums, games will be organized so that each club can experience ABS evenly. Regarding the application of the ABS zone to the first division stage this year, he replied, “We have secured system stability by operating it for some games in the Futures League.”

Asked to allow ABS data to be checked in the last game, he replied, “We will share ABS page accounts so that clubs and players can access them soon,” adding, “We plan to operate a separate page to check various data.”

The Players Association said, “We will continue to collect players’ opinions on ABS-related problems occurring in the field and communicate with KBO for a successful ABS settlement.”

KBO introduced ABS on the first team stage this season for the first time in the world. However, some players, including Ryu Hyun-jin and Hwang Jae-gyun, have been criticized for applying different zones for each stadium and each game. Voices from the field who agreed with this continued. As complaints continued, the players’ association expressed its position to make its voice heard after collecting opinions, and sent a questionnaire to the KBO secretariat on the 3rd.

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