Hyundai Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd. vanquished 3-0 Road Construction Co., Ltd

In an away match against Korea Expressway Corporation in the fourth round of the Dodram 2023-2024 V-League at Gimcheon Indoor Stadium on the 5th, the women’s professional volleyball team Hyundai Engineering & Construction smiled with a complete set score of 3-0 (25-17 25-18 25-12).

She has won three consecutive games. She was the first among the seven female teams to gain 50 points (16 wins and five losses). She is also solidly maintaining the top spot.

The team had an attack success rate of 53.25 percent-34.48 percent, blocked 8-4, and subs 10-3. The number of errors was 10, which was less than that of the opponent team’s 16. Four players scored double-digit points evenly. Letizia Moma Vasoko (registered Moma) led the team with 13 points (58.82 percent) including two blocks and one serve.

Lee Da-hyun scored 10 points (85.71% of the attack success rate), Jung Ji-yoon scored 10 points (33.33% of the attack success rate), and Wipawi Shitong (52.94% of the attack success rate) supported 10 points (52.94% of the attack success rate) with one serve.

It is the second consecutive time that Korea Expressway Corporation has won two consecutive games. It ranks sixth in the women’s division with 19 points (6 wins and 15 losses). Banya Bukirich (registered name Bukirich) scored 14 points (40 percent) in offense success rate.

Yang Hyo-jin scored five points (71.43% attack success rate). Moma also added five points (57.14% attack success rate).

Hyundai E&C gradually widened the gap from the beginning. At 4-5 down, Jung Ji-yoon’s opening, Moma’s rear attack, and Lee Da-hyun’s blocking made it 7-5. Yang Hyo-jin’s fast attack, the opponent Bukirich’s offensive error, and Yang Hyo-jin’s time difference made it 13-8. After Lee Da-hyun’s fast attack, Jung Ji-yoon shook the opponent Jeon Sae-yan with a serve. Wipawi scored an open goal to make it 17-12.

Hyundai E&C, which boosted its momentum, tied 19-12 with Lee Da-hyun’s blocking and Jung Ji-yoon’s serve ace. It sealed the 21-14 wedge with Wipawi’s quick open and Yang Hyo-jin’s open. Kim Da-in’s serve ace took 24-16 set points. She secured the first set thanks to Kim Se-bin’s serve error. Kim Se-bin shed tears of regret after the first set ended.

Wipawi scored six points (83.33% attack success rate), the most in the team. Korea Expressway Corporation deployed Choi Ga-eun, excluding Moon Jeong-won and Kim Se-bin, instead of Lee Ye-rim. Tanacha was moved to the outside heater and Moon Jeong-won was placed at Apogit. He was held back by seven unforced errors.

At 8-8, Hyundai Engineering & Construction had a 10-8 advantage thanks to Wipawi’s time difference and Lee Da-hyun’s serve ace. Moma’s blocking made it 12-9. Korea Expressway Corporation balanced the score at 10-13 with Bukirich’s quick open and open, and Choi Ga-eun’s blocking.

Hyundai E&C ran 15-13 with Jung Ji-yoon’s opening and Lee Da-hyun’s blocking. Jung Ji-yoon’s opening and Lee Da-hyun’s fast attack made it 18-14. Wipawi scored 20-16 with the quick open.

Afterwards, the team reached 24-17 at 20-17, thanks to Wi-Fi’s open, Yang Hyo-jin’s fastball, and Kim Da-in’s serve ace. Park got her hands on the second set due to her opponent Park Eun-ji’s serve error.

Korea Expressway Corporation returned Kim Se-bin to the starting lineup instead of Choi Ga-eun. The team collapsed 4-5 to 4-14. It gave up nine consecutive points.

Hyundai Engineering & Construction led 7-4 due to Lee Da-hyun’s moving attack and the opponent Tanaka’s attack error. Jung Ji-yoon made it 8-4 with a sub-ace. After that, Bae Yuna’s blocking net touch and Jeon Sae-yan and Bukirich’s attack error, Kim Da-in’s blocking, and Jung Ji-yoon’s consecutive sub-ace were followed. They won the game 14-4.

When Yang Hyo-jin’s fast attack made it 19-9, Hyundai Engineering & Construction put Go Min-ji in place of Yang Hyo-jin. Go Min-ji immediately burst the serve ace to give it 20-9. Ko Ye-rim’s open, Kim Da-in’s block, and Moma’s serve ace made it 23-10. Wipawi finished the game with a quick open.

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