Huons to return to No. 1 overall pick Morales-Cha Yuram nomination

The 2024-25 season PBA Team League Draft was held at the Press Center in Jung-gu, Seoul on the 14th.

The draft will exercise the right to nominate teams with fewer players and the teams that did not advance to the postseason last season in reverse order (the teams that did not advance to the postseason are in reverse order of the regular league rankings).

As a result, Huons, who was the final ninth in the regular league, will have the right to nominate as the first choice in the first round.

The minimum number of registered players for a team is seven, and the maximum number of registered players is eight. At least four male players and at least two female players are required to be registered. In addition, at least two foreign players must be registered, but not more than 50% of the team’s players must be registered.

A total of nine teams will play in the PBA Team League during the 24-25 season, including Hana Card, NH Nonghyup Card, Crown Haitai, Huons, Welcome Savings Bank, SY, High1 Resort, and SK Rent-A-Car, as well as Woori Finance Capital, which succeeded the disbanded Blue One Resort. Woori Finance Capital has all the players at Blue One Resort as its players, so only one additional player is eligible for the nomination. The same applies to Hana Card, which protects all of the winning players.

It is also possible for the original club to re-nominate the released player.

Huons, who has the first nomination, announced another rebuilding in one season, releasing semi-Signer (Turkiye), Kim Bong-chul, Jang Ga-yeon and Jeon Ae-rin significantly. Captain Choi Sung-won, who declared professional conversion ahead of the 23-24 season, remained the only new face, while foreigners Palazon and Kim Se-yeon remained as protected players.

As a result, Huons named Robinson Morales of Spain as the first overall pick. Then, Welcome Savings Bank named Philippos Cacido Costas of Greece as the second pick.

Robinson Morales transitioned to the PBA for the 19-20 season, but left the PBA briefly in the middle of the 21-22 season. After the end of the 23-24 season, he announced his return to the PBA again.

After returning for the first time in a year and 10 months, LPBA Cha Yu-ram was named by Huons as the first pick in the second round.

Semi-Signer (Turkiye) and Jang Ga-yeon, who were released by Huons, also succeeded in getting a job again. Signer will head to Welcome Savings Bank, and Jang Ga-yeon, who was ranked second in amateur league, will head to SY, forming an amateur queen one-two punch duo with Han Ji-eun, who is ranked first in amateur league. They also brought rookie Kwon Bal-hae to build a new LPBA lineup.

NH Nonghyup Card pointed to Jung Soo-bin as its third LPBA member, while SK Rent-A-Car pointed to rookie Cho Ye-eun.

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