GS that missed Heung-guk and Kang So-hwi Will compensation + B-level prescriptions work

GS Caltex, which has faced the new coach Lee Young-taek’s system, missed Kang So-hwi, the biggest fish in the FA transfer market, and Han Da-hye, its main player, creating a big hole in the offense and defense.

Most of the A-level players who have been released to the market so far have decided their destinations. Looking at the outside heaters, Kang So-hwi was in the arms of the Korea Expressway Corporation on the 12th for the highest annual salary of 2.4 billion won for three years. There was news that Lee So-young would also transfer to IBK Industrial Bank for a three-year total of 2.1 billion won. Similarly, on the 12th, Libero Ha-hye also completed a three-year contract with Pepper Savings Bank for a total of 870 million won.

GS Caltex, which sent Kang So-hwi and Han Da-hye, is currently in a situation where it has to recruit compensation players from Korea Expressway Corporation and Pepper Savings Bank. Outside heaters also have big holes, but they have been evaluated as weak middle blockers during the season.

The Korea Expressway Corporation is highly likely to have most of its key players, including Kim Se-bin, Bae Yuna, Kang So-hwi, Lim Myeong-ok, Moon Jung-won and Lee Yoon-jung, as protective players.

Excluding them, Choi Ga-eun, Lee Ye-dam, and Lim Joo-eun remain in the middle blocker camp, while the outside heater consists of Jeon Sae-yan, Lee Ye-rim, Lee Mi-so, Woo Soo-min, Ko Ui-jeong, and Lee Ye-eun. If the scope is expanded to the entire wing spiker, Shin Eun-ji remains except for mercenaries and Asian quarter players.

The list of Pepper Savings Bank members does not have a clear choice and outline. In particular, the middle blocker team consists of Yeoreung, Park Yeon-hwa, and Seo Chae-won, who are currently unable to maneuver due to injury, assuming that the main player Ha Hye-jin will be tied up. As for Libero, Kim Hae-bin has been released as a free agent, and attention is focused on the future position of Chae Sun-ah, who was originally an outside heater, due to the recruitment of Han Da-hye. In the 23-24 season, Chae Sun-ah played as a liberator. Setter Jin is also focused on the alternative structure between Lee Go-eun and Dr.

Currently, GS Caltex has quite large holes in its performance cap and many FA players are missing. Due to ample room for salary cap, supply and demand of players should be given priority over compensation of 300 percent. By recruiting B-class market players and compensation players, we need to draw a good luck for farming this year.

Likewise, Heungkuk Life Insurance, which failed to recruit an A-class striker, has the outline of most of the players released as FA.

Recently, a well-versed volleyball official told MHN Sports about the remaining situation of Hyundai Engineering & Construction’s Jung Ji-yoon, Lee Ju-ah’s transfer to the Industrial Bank of Korea, Kim Mi-yeon and Lee Won-jung’s remaining in Heungkuk Life Insurance, and Willow’s waiting for an alternative soldier.

Heungkuk Life had a thin number of players available during the season, so its players did not plan well and failed to play the role of game changer properly. On top of that, Lee Ju-ah also missed the game.

In addition, Libero Kim Hae-ran, who had been stranded as a residual, is reportedly deeply agonizing over whether to retire or extend her active career. Kim Hae-ran, who is devoted to childcare after the season, is at a crossroads for retirement due to poor conditions, but it seems that the strand has not been completely established yet.

If Kim Hae-ran chooses to retire, Heungkuk Life Liberojin will be left with current trainee Hong Dhabi, Park Soo-yeon, who played as a one-point server throughout the season, and Do Soo-bin, who was the main player.

Currently, Heungkuk Life Insurance is capable of receiving one power from the Industrial Bank of Korea as a compensator for Lee Ju-ah with Grade A status. There is also a way to trade during the season, but it will be difficult to achieve significant change in performance. For now, the priority has become to sort out backup players who did not show good performance during the season. The competition with GS Caltex to recruit Grade B players also cannot be lost.

Meanwhile, the negotiation period for FA players is two weeks from the announcement date. The FA start date for the women’s team is July 17 and the men’s team is until 6 p.m. on July 18.

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