GK Yun Young-geul of the women’s national team announces retirement

I started playing soccer at the age of 13 and have been running for 23 years,” said Yoon Young-geul, who liked to jump and play. It was the life of a soccer player who pushed me harshly in the position and prepared for each game, but sometimes with good results and sometimes with ridiculous mistakes, experiencing joy and disappointment.”

“It was really shocking at the time when I turned from a field player to a goalkeeper, but I thought that I had to go for the team, and I believed that this path was my path, and I continued to refine myself and run until now,” he said. 스포츠토토 “In the position of a professional who has to show results, In particular, as a national team member, I ended my 23-year career as a soccer player with disappointing results at an important place called the World Cup.. However, I did my best to prepare and trained myself up to now without shame, so I am a soccer player that I regret. I can honestly say that it was not my life, but my life as a soccer player who did my best.”

un Young-geul, who described himself as “a happy player because he wasn’t so unhappy,” announced his retirement, saying, “I’m trying to put an end to my soccer career.”

Yoon Young-geul, who started his professional life in 2008, is a person of great standing who has risen to the national team by changing his position from a field player to a goalkeeper after coming from the pros. He appeared in 29 matches for the national team and conceded 15 goals, and his last match ended up being a 0-2 defeat against Colombia in the last 2023 World Cup. For the remainder of the game, goalkeeper Kim Jeong-mi guarded the Korean goal.

Although he was dropped as the starting goalkeeper for the World Cup, he conceded a goal due to an unfortunate mistake against Colombia, and eventually retired as a player after this game.

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