Genius talent that resembles Lee Jung-hoo

It is interesting to see if Lee will show off his talent as a spearhead of attacks against Ryu. After recovering from his injury, Lee displayed impressive batting performance as soon as he joined the first team. He has a batting average of around 80 percent.

At the Samsung Lions Park in Daegu on Tuesday, Lee Ju-hyung started as a center fielder as a cleanup hitter, and posted four hits and one walk from four times at bat, and 100 percent of on-base hit. He led his team to a landslide 10-1 victory. He recorded three hits and one walk from three times at bat against Connor Seabold, a foreign pitcher for Samsung who is facing off for the first time. He resembles Lee, who has no shyness.

As a cleanup hitter in the first inning, Lee hit Connor’s fastball and got on base with a hit to the left-center field. As follow-up hitters stepped down due to poor batting, he couldn’t get a point. He walked two out and got on base in the third inning. Later, when Dawson hit a double behind the left fielder, he drove from the first base to the home and scored the first point. He recovered from his thigh injury, and displayed a fast run on the base as well.

With the team leading 2-0 in the fifth inning with one out, he hit Connor’s fastball, and hit a left-handed double. He also has slugging capability. Dawson scored another run thanks to his timely hit. He hit a curveball at Connor with two outs in the sixth inning, and got on base with an infield hit towards the second base. It was a hit that forced Connor to leave the mound. He pitched as the leadoff hitter in the ninth inning, and garnered a four-hit game by hitting a fastball against right-handed Hong Jung-woo to the right-handed side. He had four hits in his first game since his debut.

In the match against Samsung on the 2nd, he recorded 3 hits and 2 runs in 4 at-bats. The direction of the batting was free from left to right to left.

He grounded out to a pitcher by hitting the first pitch in the first inning against Samsung starter Won Tae-in, but he came out as the lead-off batter in the fourth inning, hit his fastball (141 kilometers) at the first pitch, and got on base as a hit to the left field. He stole his first hit from Won, who pitched perfectly in the first and third innings. With two outs in the fifth inning with his team leading 2 to 1, Lee hit a triple that hit the top of the right fence as Won’s main weapon changeup (122 kilometers) fell low. He hit a changeup by right-handed pitcher Lee Seung-hyun, who was replaced with a runner on the first base with two outs in the sixth inning, to hit a hit to the left field.

Lee returned home early in February after suffering a thigh injury during the second camp in Taiwan. Lee, who injured his thigh once at the end of last year’s season, did not overdo it and stuck to rehabilitation. He did not play in any exhibition games and was in rehabilitation until the opening.

I wasn’t in a hurry until I recovered 100% of my physical condition. This is so that I don’t repeat my failure last year. Even though I was a little sick at the time, I held back and skipped work.

Lee Ju-hyung played in two games against the Futures League SSG from April 30 to 31, elevating his sense of play. He recorded two hits, one walk and one walk from three times at bat in five times at bat. Kiwoom manager Hong Won-ki registered Lee Ju-hyung in the first division entry on Monday, and immediately started him as a cleanup hitter.

In the two games in the first division, he had seven hits, one walk and eight hits from eight times at bat, and a batting average of 875 percent. Including the two games in the second division, which were rehabilitation games, he had nine hits from 14 times at bat and 11 times at bat (batting average of .818) and one walk and one walk, which is a crazy feeling of hitting. SBS Sports commentator Lee Soon-cheol, who broadcasted the Kiwoom-Samsung game, praised Lee Ju-hyung’s batting. Attention is focusing on how he will perform in his first showdown with Ryu.

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