Frequent business trips, poor performance…

Jurgen Klinsmann, coach of the Korean national soccer team, has time to communicate with the media. Attention is focusing on what kind of story coach Klinsman, who has been controversial due to his sluggish performance and frequent overseas trips since taking the helm of the national team, will reveal.

The Korea Football Association announced that it plans to have time for communication through an online meeting with the domestic media on the 17th and 18th. Unlike former coach Paulo Bento, coach Klinsman is evaluated to have a tendency to solve problems through active communication when issues arise. This meeting also seems to be a willingness to solve the problem through dialogue as the negative evaluation towards coach Klinsman continues.

First of all, coach Klinsman is controversial due to his frequent overseas business trips. Coach Klinsmann was pointed out for working from home while staying in California, USA, where his family is located, when he was coaching the German soccer team. At the time of the inauguration of the national team, head coach Klinsman said, “It is right to live permanently” and even showed his composure, saying, “Thanks to soccer, I lived in Italy, France, and the United States, and this time I was lucky to have a chance to stay in Korea.”

However, the time director Klinsman stayed in Korea was not that long. Coach Klinsman made his national team debut in March and left for the U.S. to check the European team before returning to Korea in about a month. 토토 Coach Klinsman, who flew to Qatar on May 7 to attend the Asian Cup group drawing event, headed straight to the United States and returned home only in June. Coach Klinsman, who finished the A match held in June, went on vacation for a month this time, returned on the 24th, and left again on August 1st. In the meantime, the grouping for the 2026 World Cup Asian 2nd qualifying round was decided. However, director Klinsman did not take any position. At this meeting, director Klinsmann is expected to reveal his position on his frequent overseas business trips.

On the 12th, coach Klinsman watches the opening game of the English Premier League (EPL) between Brentford and Tottenham in the 2023-2024 season and rushes into his work. At this time, coach Klinsman plans to directly check the physical condition of Son Heung-min (Tottenham). In Brentford, Kim Ji-soo, a defender from the U-20 World Cup team who transferred from K-League 2 Seongnam FC, is also playing. Coach Klinsmann plans to check the matches of Cho Kyu-seong (Mittwillan) as well as Lee Kang-in (Paris Saint-Germain) and Kim Min-jae (Bayern Munich).

A clear answer to the question of grades is also expected. The national team has not yet won a victory since coach Klinsman took over the helm. Before his debut, he had a 2-2 draw with Colombia in an evaluation match, and lost 1-2 against Uruguay. In the evaluation match held in June, they lost 0-1 to Peru and swallowed the disappointment with a 1-1 draw with El Salvador. This is an unsatisfactory result considering that coach Klinsman presented the goal of winning the Asian Cup and reaching the semifinals of the World Cup.

Coach Klinsman desperately needs a victory in the A match in September. Coach Klinsman will fly to Wales immediately after checking the Europeans. The national team will have a warm-up match against Wales here. Although it has not been confirmed since then, it is planned to play another A-match against Saudi Arabia.

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