Fans’ Coalition Praises Ontario On iGaming Market News

Last week, Ontario finally shed light on the highly anticipated launch of the open iGame market for private operators. The province announced that the start of the new regime will become a reality on April 4, 2022. Shortly thereafter, the Fans Unite, a major supporter of the change, also released a statement to celebrate the province.

Ontario’s iGaming market was first announced back in 2010, but it took some time for the plan to come true. Now, there are final measures that need to be applied and on April 4th private betting operators will be able to legally offer their game products to locals. The market also appears shortly after single event bets were legalized in the country.

FansUnite is an international sports and entertainment company that produces technology related to regulated online games and other similar products. The company’s iGaming platform is considered one of the best in the industry because it offers sports and eSports bets such as pre-match betting, in-play betting, daily fantasy, content and certified RNG to produce casino-style chance games

This week, the company’s CEO, Scott Burton, released a statement related to the recent announcement of the upcoming iGaming market by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario. He noted that this market is a major milestone for the state and the Canadian gaming industry as a whole. He explained that the company has been a huge supporter of this cause and is now happy to see this progress.

Mr Burton also said he would continue to work closely with AGCO in completing the application process to qualify the gaming company to enter the newly regulated market. Last year, the company officially filed an application for a manufacturer, a fully registered game-related supplier in Ontario. The submission is still under consideration.

The introduction of Ontario’s new online gaming system was to protect local gamblers and keep them away from unprotected offshore gaming sites. In this way, the province will provide them with an environment to make bets, while still keeping safe and regulated gambling options on hand. To be granted permission by the state, operators must first apply to AGCO and reach an operating agreement with iGaming Ontario.

A study conducted by predicts that Ontario’s iGaming market has tremendous potential. The study suggests that the region will not only break numerous iGaming records but also surpass all other regulatory jurisdictions on the continent. This may be mainly due to the huge population of 15 million people, combined with a large number of sportsbooks and casino brands.

However, another study by says the newly regulated market could bring some drawbacks.

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