Effort and humility make a good player,

Although he did not win the championship, Park Seong-jin’s growth and performance were not something that could be covered by results. In this competition, he was shining second place.

Outside hitter Park Seong-jin, born in 2000 from Myongji University, was nominated by Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance in the 2022-2023 rookie draft. The order was 4th in the 2nd round. Expectations for Park Seong-jin, who was nominated in the middle of the second round, couldn’t be too high, in the recent trend where even first-rounders are often released after one season.

It was not easy for him to get a chance to play in the V-League naturally. In the 2022-2023 season, Park played in 31 sets of 15 games and scored 17 points, but that wasn’t enough for a young player hungry for a chance to get on the court. However, during the pre-game warm-up and practice process, Park Seong-jin, who always did his best as if it were a real match, caught the eye of fans who often watched Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance’s matches and officials at the field.

The opportunity finally came to Park Seong-jin, who always sweated while waiting for an opportunity that might come. It was the 2023 Gumi Dodram Cup professional volleyball competition. Because foreign players are not allowed to play in the cup competition, a seat in the wings had to be vacated, and in the case of Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, an apositive seat was vacant. The player who took the position was Park Seong-jin.

Manager Kim Sang-woo revealed the reason for Park Seong-jin’s appointment as an apogee, saying, “This position is an outside hitter, but he is also a good attacker in the apogee position.” Park Seong-jin did not miss the golden opportunity. 먹튀검증 In the match against Korea Electric Power Corporation on the 7th, Park Seong-jin, who started as an apogee, scored 18 points, the most in the team, including 2 blocks and 2 serve points, and successfully got his start.

He might have been excited about becoming a ‘surprise star’, but Park Seong-jin, who visited the interview room after the game, was very humble in his interview attitude. He turned the ball to his teammates, saying, “His brothers fought and helped,” and “(Roh) Jae-wook hyung raised a lot of passes, so I’m grateful.” Even Samsung Fire & Marine officials said, “I was very surprised by Park Seong-jin’s attitude in the interview. Even though he was still a young player, he was really humble and polite. He was really nice to see,” he said, praising Park Seong-jin.

Park Seong-jin’s great success continued even after the Korea Electric Power War. He scored 13 points against Hyundai Capital on the 9th with a 60% attack success rate and 22 points against Panasonic on the 11th with 4 blocks. In the semifinal against Korean Air on the 12th, he scored 23 points and had a 50% attack success rate, leading the team to the final.

In the final stage, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance lost to OK Financial Group with a set score of 1-3 (23-25, 25-22, 23-25, 20-25), and Park Seong-jin was unfortunately unable to win the championship. But his performance was great. He scored 30 points, the most in the team and the most points in one game in this tournament, and his attack success rate was a whopping 67.44%. There were only 4 rooms. Recognized for his outstanding performance during the tournament, including the finals, Park Seong-jin was able to alleviate the disappointment of runner-up by winning the MIP, which is given to the player with the best performance in the runner-up team.

Park Seong-jin’s outstanding performance and MIP award showed that hard work and humility, two factors that are as important as talent to become a good player, never betray the players. The way he warmed up and practiced his best even in a game he couldn’t play, and the way he passed the ball to his teammates with a humble and polite attitude even though he visited the interview room as a distinguished player shows that Park’s performance in this tournament was not a coincidence. were the evidence.

Coach Kim said in an interview after the tournament, “Our team’s homework is to find a wing striker combination. If Park Seong-jin grows well, another puzzle piece will be created,” he said, revealing that opportunities are open for Park Seong-jin in the upcoming season. Will Park Seong-jin, who always works hard and maintains a humble attitude, raise his value in the V-League following the cup competition? It is worth watching his performance in the upcoming 2023-2024 V-League.

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