Dyer Lloris Remain Tottenham Confirms EPL Entry in First Half

Tottenham Hotspur confirmed and announced the English Premier League team for the first half of the 2023-2024 season on its official website on September 13. 토토사이트링

A maximum of 25 players can be registered for the first team of the Premier League. Eight of these players must be home grown players who have trained for three years at English and Welsh clubs before the age of 21. If there is a lack of home groin players, the maximum number of entries will be reduced. If there are six home groans, the maximum number of registered people will be reduced to 23.

Regardless of the number of home grouse players, only a maximum of 17 foreign players can be registered.

However, whether the player is home or not has nothing to do with the nationality of the player. Eric Dyer is an English national, but is a Portuguese home groun because he is from the Sporting Lisbon youth team and is defined as a non – home groun in England.

Players under the age of 21 can play in league matches without having to register as an adult player. Destiny Udoji, Pape Matasar, and others are included.

Tottenham could not afford to enter foreign players as Eric Dyer, who is virtually treated as an out-of-power resource, and goalkeeper Hugo Lloris, who was expected to be released in the transfer market this summer, remained. Including them, all 17 non-homeless people were filled.

In addition, two more goalkeepers, Brendan Austin and Alfie Whiteman, were registered to meet the eight home groans, creating a deformed situation in which only four goalkeepers were included in the first-tier team.

Meanwhile, Tottenham appointed Son Heung-min as captain this season, and James Madison and Christian Romero will assist Son Heung-min as vice captains

Rodrigo Bentancourt, Yves Bijama, Eric Dyer, Emerson Royale, Brian Hill, Pierre Emil Hoybier, Dejan Kulusevsky, Hugo Lloris, Giovanni Lo Celso, Ivan Perisic, Pedro Porro, Hishalisong Christian Romero , Manor Solomon Son Heung-min , Mickey van der Ben and Gulimo Vicario. Brandon Austin, Ben Davies, Fraser Foster, Brennan Johnson, James Madison, Ryan Sessegnon, Oliver Skip, Alfie Whiteman

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